The Giant Builders
April 12, 2022
The Giant Builders announces their interview with Aubrey Reinmiller from Vitality Fitness And Wellness, an online exercise and health community, where they discuss practical fitness advice for people over 50. With this announcement, seniors can enjoy a discussion about a health and fitness program that caters to what they need in their older years. Find out more at The interview introduces clients to the work of Aubrey Reinmiller, a personal trainer who is passionate about coaching and helping people reach their health and fitness goals. A certified personal trainer, licensed physical therapist, and functional aging specialist, Aubrey coaches men and women over 50 and has found that people in this age group prioritize their health and physical fitness more than others. She says that regular strength training can improve a slowing metabolism, lack of energy, and inability to lose weight due to muscle mass lost because of not exercising for a long time. Common mistakes older people make when returning to exercise are focusing on cardio or pushing themselves too hard. Audrey recommends a more balanced approach, such as adding strength training in between and building one’s motivation by starting off slowly. Aubrey’s exercise program includes body-friendly movements that provide the right type of challenge and can accommodate any previous injuries due to her philosophy of making small changes. It also contains a nutritional program that will also help improve the metabolism. Aubrey holds small virtual group exercise classes with a 45-minute workout that includes a full-body workup, strength and conditioning, and a full-body stretch at the end. Private classes can be arranged for clients who might have a complex health challenge or those who prefer one-on-one training. The first private consultation meeting will consist of reviewing the client’s goals and past struggles as well as an easy 10-minute test that includes checking the client’s balance, strength, and endurance. Aubrey has created a no-cost guide 'Thrive after 55 Quickstart Exercises’ available at the link given on the interview page. It provides an easy roadmap with workouts and practical advice for what is best, how much to do, and when. Interested parties can visit for more information.