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POSSIBILITY with Your Money
February 16, 2023
Jonathan wants to help people reframe how they view money so they can stop avoiding talking about, thinking about, stop procrastinating. The cost of inaction around money is far greater than we realize.
His parents approached money this way and they scrape by month to month on social security with him as their safety net, that's not fun for anyone. Jonathan wants to help people get intentional around money earlier in life so they can live a life full of options, not limitations.

As a young person, it's about balancing living for an epic today and a secure tomorrow. Some cling too tightly to money terrified of the future, others spend away and ignore the future, it's all about finding balance and that balance looks different for everyone, especially important with couples where two money mindsets must merge as one household to make decisions.

Also, most people don't realize that 80% of personal finance is behavior, 20% is head knowledge.... that sentence alone offers so much to unpack.

00:00 POSSIBILITY with Your Money
01:06 Money is a mirror, how should we behave around money
04:45 Improving the talk of finances in a marriage
08:35 Procrastinating with money
12:01 Passion income, The Psychology of Money
13:50 The FIRE movement
16:20 Five pillars hierarchy of needs
19:29 Flying without paying
20:30 How a financial planner can help
27:30 Is there an age to start planning?

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