The Giant Builders
Mindful Innovation with Matt Mueller
August 23, 2022
Can also be viewed on video at: Innovation is more than ideas if you want them to come to life. Matt Meuller shares how to create Mindful Innovation
Matt Mueller has over 20 years of experience in the retail & consumer packaged goods industry and has always been fascinated with one question; Why? This fascination led him to a role in corporate innovation helping him to bring structure, clarity & deep insights to the forefront. Spending thousands of hours in the homes of customers and shopping alongside them, Matt has been able to unlock some of the biggest business challenges, creating great change for corporations to nonprofits. Matt realized how difficult it was to innovate and used mindfulness to help better understand challenges and overcome obstacles. He is now a columnist for Innovation Leader, a top publishing company in the Innovation space, and is helping shed light on how others can innovate within their organizations. For the last 3 years, Matt has explored the intersection of Innovation & Mindfulness to help anyone create great change and has written a book called The Mindful Innovator. His book is due out this November and will provide anyone who wants to create change the tools they need to do it. You can learn more about his book at and check out his articles to help your business create change.