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Unleashing Your Potential: Navigating Professional Transitions with Shira Ali
September 5, 2023
In this enlightening podcast episode, Shira Ali, a seasoned professional coach and transition strategist, delves into the intricacies of guiding individuals through challenging professional transitions.
Hosted by Lois Wyant on the "Giant Builders" platform, Shira shares her extensive experience in corporate real estate management and her journey to becoming a dedicated coach. The conversation starts with the essence of pursuing genuine happiness and understanding oneself.

Shira introduces her "C5 Method" which includes Clarity, Competence, Courage, Confidence, and Community as a transformative framework to guide individuals toward discovering their passion, overcoming self-doubt, and building a supportive network. With insightful anecdotes and practical advice, Shira's expertise shines through as she empowers listeners to embrace change and align their careers with their deepest desires.

01:15 Finding your true passion and values
04:30 Gaining new skills and conquering self-doubt
08:58 Embracing courage and making bold career moves
12:20 Dealing with imposter syndrome and boosting confidence
16:45 Creating a supportive community for a successful transition
19:50 Setting long-term goals and envisioning your legacy
22:10 Conquering the fear of change and embracing new opportunities
14:18 Identifying personal values and goals for clarity
16:10 Building confidence and taking steps towards change
16:53 Creating a supportive community to foster growth
20:50 Confronting self-limiting beliefs and embracing choices
21:45 Recognizing the role of networks in professional growth
23:10 Aligning career with true passions and aspirations

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