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How Breast Cancer Survivor Supports Breast Cancer Survivors
January 31, 2023
Tracys talks about living life after breast cancer. She shares how our mental health, and body image are affected and she discusses tips to deal with stress in order to live life again.
Tracy is a Registered Nurse working in an Acute Care Hospital.   Tracy has been a nurse for 27 years and throughout her career has worked at a major trauma center in Toronto. She is also a Health/Wellness Life Coach with a focus on supporting people to attain health and wellness for their minds, body, and soul.  Tracy is an entrepreneur, speaker, and co-author of multiple books. Tracy is the host of her own Podcast called, What has changed your life?

Tracy Frankland-Sewell

00:00 How Breast Cancer Survivor Support Breast Cancer Survivors
00:55 Other Breast Cancer Survivor episode:
01:03 Tracy's story
18:01 Rebuilding herself after treatments
26:20 Make the symptoms better
28:12 Current journey to help breast cancer survivors
33:00  How to support a friend or family member going through cancer

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