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25 Places To Find Great Customers/ Clients
November 24, 2022
All business owners are constantly searching for new clients. In this episode, I share 25 places where you could find new clients. Video Option:
25 places to find clients
  1. Your Current Clients will rebuy
  2. Past clients, reach out to people who bought in the past
  3. Family & Friends or their referrals
  4. FB connections
  5. Email connections, signature
  6. Word-of-mouth referrals
  7. Create a signature talk around and offer it free to your social groups
  8. Create a webinar
  9. Reach out to local businesses as referrals
  10. Research organization that attract your ideal client
  11. Do IG takeover and swap access to audiences
  12. Conversations in private messages, who comments on your posts?
  13. Write an article for a guest blog
  14. Attend conferences and trade shows
  15. Start a FB group and build a community
  16. Be a podcast guest
  17. Participate in FB Groups that have a similar interest
  18. Answer questions on social media platforms
  19. Offer your services to demo at brick and mortar
  20. Follow up with people who didn’t follow up with you, no doesn’t mean no - it means not right now
  21. LinkedIn
  22. Create a Meetup event
  23. Join the Chamber
  24. Cold email
  25. Watch HARO

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