Ready for Love with Nikki Leigh Love Coach
Nikki Leigh is an award-winning author, a Certified Love and Relationship Coach and the host of Ready for Love Radio, the international radio show, streamed to 196 countries each week on New Visions Radio ( The show has over 350 shows in the website archive as June 2021. She will celebrate 8 years on air on September 1, 2021. Nikki’s experience as a love coach tackles a wide variety of topics pertaining to love, relationships, intimacy and sex, including ones that can be very difficult to discuss personally or professionally. She shares these messages through her blog, her books, coaching, her Love, Accept and Respect Yourself Program and her Ready for Love Radio show. All information can be found on Combine her work with her experience as a coach, an interviewer and radio host, and it is a winning combination for her Ready for Love radio show. It has created a successful radio show that has endeared her to millions of loyal listeners around the world and enabled her to attract feature guests with many different expertise, including a number of nationally and internationally known experts in their field. Love Coach Journey Blog – Ready for Love Radio – Email Nikki –
Part 2 Power Play and Erotica vs Porn with Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene
May 20, 2022 • 60 MIN
This is a 2 Part Show Series - The 10 Year Anniversary of the release of 50 Shades of Grey is in the News. When we were on the eve of the premiere of the first 50 Shades of Grey movie in February 2015, I decided to do two interviews to gather information to give my listeners a more accurate understanding of Power Play relationships the community, how the partners interact with each other and much more. Or conversation continues about power play on part 2. We will also discuss in depth, the differences between erotica and porn with Nina and Ernest. Remember, both parts are archived below, along with my interview with Ernest about Master of O. You can also download your own copy of each show.
Part 1 Power Play and 50 Shades of Grey Discussion with Nina Hartley and Ernest Green
May 13, 2022 • 60 MIN
The 10 Year Anniversary of the release of 50 Shade of Grey is in the News. When we were on the eve of the premiere of the first 50 Shades of Grey movie in February 2015, I decided to do two interviews to gather information to give my listeners a more accurate understanding of Power Play relationships the community, how the partners interact with each other and much more.
Design Your Own Life with Tiffany Mason
May 6, 2022 • 58 MIN
I’m Nikki Leigh and on this podcast, Tiffany Mason joins me. Tiffany is a life and relationship coach who helps women to be empowered to “be the designer of their own life”
More Passion and Intimacy in Your Long Term Relationship
April 29, 2022 • 58 MIN
Join me on Ready for Love radio for my interview with Todd Creager – marriage & sex therapist. We will discuss maintaining or adding more passion and intimacy to your long term relationship.
Sexual Assault Resources are Discussed on Ready for Love Radio
April 22, 2022 • 57 MIN
Sexual assault and sexual violence are topics that are frequently in the news. The local area and UVA, a well-known local university, was in the national spotlight. Sexual assault was in the news because of a story in Rolling Stone magazine, which is turns out, is unsubstantiated and has shone a very ugly light on the editorial staff and decisions of Rolling Stone magazine. But what about the original topic of the article – what about sexual assault, the perpetrators, the survivors, the legal system and much more?
Confessions of a Publicist
April 15, 2022 • 59 MIN
Join us on this podcast to learn more about relationships, business and networking. This week I have the opportunity to introduce you to my friend and networking acquaintance Brian Gross. Brian is the founder and owner of BSG PR, Publicity firm based in LA. We met in 2009, on Facebook and have worked on projects together. I found out some interesting things in our background, in our work ethic and business values that we have in common during the interview. Won’t you join us? We’ll also get an update on what’s happening and special events that are coming up at There is also a special link for new members below!
Understanding the Modern Courtesan
April 8, 2022 • 57 MIN
Join me for an interesting and informative conversation with a “modern courtesan”. I discovered her on Facebook. She shared some advance excerpts from the book she’s writing. The excerpts grabbed my attention – so naturally, I had to invite her to be a guest on my Ready for Love podcast.
Rock Solid Love with Maggie Bain
April 1, 2022 • 55 MIN
Join us for an interesting variety of topics – included in the interview. Let’s have a direct conversation about how to deepen the intimacy in your relationship. Is the spark gone or dying out? Do you want more love and passion?
Be Ready for a Potential Partner with Toni Henderson-Mayers
March 25, 2022 • 57 MIN
What does it mean to be ready for marriage and for a potential partner? That’s what we will discuss on this show. Being “ready” for a relationship and marriage means more than just being “old enough” or wanting to be with someone. We’ll also discuss how to use your engagement and courtship – wisely. Courtship is the time to lay a great foundation for a successful long-term relationship. But, how do you have a successful courtship? Toni Henderson-Mayers is my guest on Ready for Love radio and we share a lot of information to help you find out how to have a “Wise Courtship”.
Sex Addiction – Myth or Reality with Dr David Ley
March 18, 2022 • 58 MIN
Nikki Leigh welcomes Dr David Ley as her guest. The topic for discussion is Dr Ley’s book, The Myth of Sex Addiction and a number of other topics related to healthy sexuality.
Mindfulness and Turning Me to We with Dr Beth Gineris
March 11, 2022 • 58 MIN
Dr Beth Gineris joins Nikki Leigh, Love and Relationship Coach – on Ready for Love Radio. She is the author of Turning Me to We: The Act of Partnering with Mindfulness. How can we integrate mind, body and spirit and be more mindful in our relationships? We talk about these things and much more on this show. See more details below.
Helping Teens Build Confidence and Self Esteem
March 4, 2022 • 59 MIN
Most women remember facing challenges as a teen about their body image and their weight. These are just two things that caused us to struggle with our confidence and self-esteem when we were growing up. The young men also have issues with various issues during these years as their body, voice and other things are changing. Adults remember these things – whether we want to admit it or not. Mothers and fathers can face the challenges of helping their teen daughters and sons feel good about themselves. That can be a very big challenge.
Coaches Head to Head with Paula Renaye
February 25, 2022 • 57 MIN
Many people have been to a therapist or a counselor, but they may be confused about what a coach does and how they work. What does a coach do? Are there different approached to coaching? Do coaches use their personal experiences? Why does a person become a coach? There are many answers to those questions and on this show, Paula Renaye and Nikki Leigh will discuss these questions and many more. Paula’s website –
Increased Intimacy with Erectile Dysfunction
February 18, 2022 • 56 MIN
Everywhere we turn we see advertisements for medicine to help men with erectile dysfunction. It is a more common problem than many people imagine.  A lack of physical and emotional intimacy is another issue that many couples face. Both of these concerns can have the same solution. That solution is the topic for discussion on this episode of Ready for Love Radio with your host and Love Coach Nikki Leigh. Nikki's guest is Michael Russer, a man who is a prostate cancer survivor but who also found he would face being impotent for the rest of his life. Hear the story of how this turned out to be "a blessing" for him. If you feel something physically and/or emotionally is missing from your relationship or if you are facing ED, you need to tune in. If you missed the episode on air - click the link below to listen any time. “ED is the BEST thing that has ever happened to my intimate life!”
A Cuddlist and A Platonic Touch Therapist with Jasmine Siemon
February 11, 2022 • 59 MIN
A cuddlist? A Platonic Touch Therpist? Have you heard of these specialties? Cuddlists have been around for several years. But the term Platonic Touch Therapist is fairly new and the training is very new. I recently met Jasmine Siemon on a training call for another program and knew right away that I wanted to have her on the show to talk about what she’s doing and the training she’s developing. Join us to learn much more.
Be Your Own Brand of Sexy with Dr Susan Edelman
February 4, 2022 • 58 MIN
There are messages coming at us from all directions about sex. This can get so confusing, irritating and frustrating. It can create a very stressful situation for women and men in our daily lives. Its crazy for us to try to figure out how to live our lives to be happy and keep others happy – I’ve found the biggest issues come in making others happy. But that is easily the topic for at least one or more other show.
Transform Pain to Power with Doris Helge
January 28, 2022 • 55 MIN
How many times have you or someone you know allowed pain to take over the positive parts of your lives? Pain can certainly be overwhelming…. But have you considered transforming that pain into power in your life? I like to focus on ways for people to take more control of their life and to live a happier life. That’s why I wanted to interview Doris Helge on Ready for Love radio. Her book Transform Pain to Power deals with that topic and offers interesting ideas for you to empower yourself and overcome the pain.
Empowerment After Domestic Violence with Author C J Cassidy
January 21, 2022 • 60 MIN
Domestic violence is a topic that is often swept under the rug and many people avoid talking about it. It is a topic that makes us uncomfortable. Maybe it makes us question things that have happened in our past – maybe it conjures up feelings of shame or regret or concern. My guest today tackles the subject in a unique way that starts with journaling and then goes in an unusual direction for the women he works with and his readers. It can be very empowering for many people.
What is Neuroloveology with Dr Ava Cadell
January 14, 2022 • 59 MIN
Dr Ava Cadell, the founder of Loveology University, is my guest on this Ready for Love radio podcast. Meeting Dr Ava over 14 years ago was the beginning of my journey that created some incredibly positive changes in my attitude and my life – and my coaching training has helped me to create some great changes throughout the last 12 years. So, I’m very pleased to introduce you all to Dr Ava and to share information about this interesting book. I’ve enjoyed my copy and found such interesting information 😉 We will talk about Loveology University and we will delve into details about Dr Ava’s book Neuroloveolgy: The Power to Mindful Power to Love and Sex.
Adventurer in Alaska to Cosmo Bachelor on Ready for Love Radio
January 7, 2022 • 59 MIN
On this podcast I am going to introduce you to an adventurer and scientist who spent 18 months alone in Alaska. We talk about his adventure in the wilds of Alaska and the wild adventures he found when he got back to civilization… This is the message he sent to entice me to have him as a guest on Ready for Love Radio While living on a wilderness island in the Inside Passage of Alaska for years in isolation, studying Michael-Modzelewski the wildlife (no female companionship), I wrote my first book, INSIDE PASSAGE: LIVING WITH BALD EAGLES, KILLER WHALES AND KWAKIUTL INDIANS. It was published by HarperCollins in NYC. Unbeknownst to me, Cosmopolitan Magazine, the best-selling women’s magazine in the world (in 100 countries; translated into 87 languages) chose me as one of their “Bachelors of The Month” and eventually “Man of The Year.” At the same time, AlaskaMen Magazine made me their centerfold story (I got a staple in my navel but got to keep my parka on : )
New Year’s Eve Bash 2021 (Sexy Music #23)
December 31, 2021 • 25 MIN
This year is almost over and for the last Ready for Love Radio show of 2021, I will have a New Year’s Eve Bash — a day early so we can spend it together. I’ll share a few of my favorite end of the year songs, a couple of “starting over”, “ending” songs and more. And I found a couple of very good covers of Auld Lang Syne to wrap up the show. I hope you will join me for this last Sexy Music Show hour of 2021… (A reminder the music is NOT included with the archived show. BUT the videos and tidbits will be posted on the Sexy Music After Dark Facebook Page for your added enjoyment -
Male Erotic Journey and the Bower Bird with Christopher Hoffman
December 24, 2021 • 59 MIN
In this Ready for Love Radio show we’ll talk about … books, bower birds, Ryno motorcycles, engineers, and the male erotic journey… you know you’re curious. My guest is Christopher Hoffman – he’s an author, an innovator, founder of Ryno Motors, and is going to talk to us about the male erotic journey and his perspective on engineers which is unique.
Snake Spirit Animals
December 17, 2021 • 53 MIN
We continue our Spirit Animal Series on this episode by featuring the snake. We have many different reactions to snakes in our daily lives and many people are simply scared of snakes. In religion, snakes are a symbol of evil. They are often used as symbols for dark or fright – but we also find snakes in the Caduceus symbol for medicine and healing. So, what’s the story of Spirit Animals and Totem Animals for Snakes? Tune in and find out! If you miss the show on New Visions Radio, you can also check out the archive recording. You will also find many additional details on the accompanying page – For full additional details that I didn’t have time to cover, check this page –
Critter Code with Warren Kennaugh
December 10, 2021 • 57 MIN
How do we know how to interact with our partner? How can we figure out the best way to understand their personality and behavior? My guest on this episode has an interesting and unique way to discover details about people in our lives. Tune in to find out his fascinating code and to find out about a special offer just for my listeners.
Help for Stressful Holidays with Family
December 3, 2021 • 59 MIN
Are you one of the many people who loves your family, but you get a bit stressed about the idea of time together at the holidays or maybe it’s time at any family gathering? We just got past Thanksgiving and now Christmas and New Years is only about 3-4 weeks away. We can tell from the moods and attitudes of people around us, people are getting more stressed all the time for many reasons. Are you apprehensive about this time together. YOU are NOT ALONE! Several years ago, LeslieBeth Wish, Kristy Heart, Georg Hegelmann and I did a show about family relationships and the holidays. (The replays for the 2-hour show are included below.) During the last part of the show, I got the idea to take the questions from the show and turn those, and a few more questions, into a book to help people who stress over the holidays. Dysfunctional Family Gatherings and the Holidays Kindle ($2.99) – Paperback ($8.97) –
TV Theme Songs Sung by Show Stars (Sexy Music #21)
November 27, 2021 • 32 MIN
We all have our favorite TV show theme songs. These songs stick with us for years. Often they stir up interesting memories when we hear these jingles over the years. More often than not, they make us smile and we may smile or even start humming them. Sometimes those songs contains words and at times, someone in the cast may be chosen to find the show theme song. That’s what I will fearuee tonight. On this episode of Ready for Lover radio -we’ll listen to about two dozen show theme songs. Come along and let’s listen to a wide variety of songs that were suggested by listeners and Facebiij sifmers o ,u account.
Casual Sex and Hook Ups
November 19, 2021 • 59 MIN
How do you describe a hook-up? How do you describe casual sex? Is this something of interest to you? Even if it isn’t something you are interested in, do you understand why other people may be? There are many topics I invite experts to discuss with me that can help you to learn more options and about what makes other people “tick”. I like to understand people and their personalities and behavior and I’ve found that the more I learn about the options and activities we have in life – the more I can understand people and their choices. And, the less I feel the need to judge people. Sarah Martin is my guest for this show, and we hope you will join us for this lively conversation. If you miss it on air, the replay will be shared, after the premier.
Surrogate Partner Therapy Training
November 12, 2021 • 58 MIN
On this episode of Ready for Love Radio, we have two familiar guests, Dr Susan Kaye and Paul Bagge. Recently Paul attended and participated in the Surrogate Partner Training with Dr Susan Kaye, at Integrative Mind Body Therapies. And, I invited them both on the show to tell us about the experience and the training. Whether you’d like to know more about the training or understand the need for the work or how it actually works, this is an interesting show and will answer questions and dispel many misconceptions about surrogate partner therapy.
Styling with the Wandering Parisian
November 5, 2021 • 58 MIN
Do Parisians know something we don’t about style? That’s a question I hadn’t really thought about. But, when I got a message from my guest. Maura Gaughan, I got curious about that. She has two companies, The Wandering Parisian and Dating with Style. A trip to Paris gave her some interesting insights on “easy style” and much more, that she shares with us on this show.
Open Relationships with Ray and Syd
October 29, 2021 • 58 MIN
At 8 pm ET/5 pm PT on Thursday nights, there is a new show on New Visions Radio. One of the co-hosts is a familiar voice, Ray Powers that many of you know from The Ray Powers Hour. Along with his co-host Sydney Hall. The show is Dare to Be Better with Ray and Syd. Last week they had a listener write in to ask about open relationships and they discussed the question. I wanted to weigh in on the discussion, so I invited them to join me for the hour to discuss open relationships and to discuss two parents and single parent families. Won’t you join us?
Three Commas Club Sex Trafficking, Pedophilia & Murder with Jack Watts
October 22, 2021 • 58 MIN
We often hear the truth is stranger than fiction. But there are times when we hear a strange story and it’s so unbelievable… that many people find it hard, or impossible to believe, so… they don’t believe it or they just dismiss it as fiction. Or, maybe people just figure that “it couldn’t happen here”. “That couldn’t happen in the US, that happens in other countries.” My guest, Jack Watts and I, will share one of those stories tonight. The story is about sex trafficking, pedophilia, and murder and IT IS TRUE. The details are hard to hear, but people NEED to know what is happening, they need to be AWARE these things can and DO happen all around the world, including the United States. Please join us for this important show.
Love Like the French with Guy Blaise
October 15, 2021 • 59 MIN
The French are known from their passion and for being romantic. So, when Guy Blaise approached me and wanted to share relationship wisdom that he learned from his grandmother, how could I turn down the offer. He’s written a book titled Love Like the French and we share some of his grandmother’s wisdom and have an entertaining discussion about love, relationship, sex and the differences between the US and the French. Will you join us?
A Recipe for Healthy Emotions
October 8, 2021 • 60 MIN
One thing that many people are confused about is how to manage and understand our emotions. Men are supposed to suppress and hide their emotions. Supposedly women put their emotions on full display – especially depending on what “time of the month” it is, not all women, but many. Neither of these approaches are healthy. So, what should we do? Kim Korte, my guest this week, has an interesting perspective on these topics and much more. Join us for our conversation and see what you think
Spirit Animals the Black Panther
October 1, 2021 • 44 MIN
Our Spirit Animal series continues on this show with the Black Panther on this show. We will discuss many types of “cats”, but let’s start with the black panther and there are a number of interesting details to share and to discuss. I also shared an introductory article in a blog post, that you can read here – That’s a nice sneak peak to get you ready for the show which premiers on Thursday night.
Female Empowerment Not Overcompensation
September 24, 2021 • 59 MIN
Female empowerment is a topic that I like to discuss on the show. But there are two caveats to the discussion that I also want to include. One is that I don’t feel that empowering women, means that we need to demean or belittle men. Second, it doesn’t mean that women need to be bitchy and cruel. True empowerment is not the overcompensating that we often see on display. On this show we’ll have an interesting discussion about these topics with my guest, Mariquita Solis, the Joyful Relationship Coach. We hope you will join us!
Better Topics for Couples with Diana Indries
September 17, 2021 • 59 MIN
How do you and your partner discuss important topics? Or, do you discuss things? My guest this week, Diana Indries, has the questions and a suggestion to make it easier and more fun to tackle the important things you need to dicuss. Join us for the details.
Interpretating Communication with Claudia Monacelli
September 10, 2021 • 60 MIN
This week we’ll take a cyber trip to Italy with our guest, Claudia Monacelli. She has been an interpreter with the US state department for years and has many interesting stories to share. She also has interesting perspectives on communication that we will discuss. We will also talk about archetype psychology.
Surviving Infidelity and Cancer with Author C J Grace
September 3, 2021 • 59 MIN
There are many things that we must “survive” throughout our lifetime. I know during my life I hope that big trials will hit me one at a time. Things don’t always work out that way and sometimes, they hit way too close together. When that happens, I’ve found, and my guest today found that it’s good to figure out a plan to deal with these trials and difficulties. Author C J Grace joins me of this show to share her story and to share how she dealt with her husband’s infidelity and a cancer diagnosis. She’s the author of Adulterer’s Wife: How to Thrive Whether You Stay or Not.
Spirit Animals - Hummingbirds
August 20, 2021 • 52 MIN
This is our third spirit animals show, the first was a water-based animal, the dolphin. The second, was a land-based horse. I was thinking, this one should be an air-based animal. So, I chose the hummingbird. It’s a unique bird, small, beautiful and has some very unique traits – which I’ll be happy to share with you during the show.
Afterglow Founder Lilly Sparks
August 13, 2021 • 59 MIN
If you want to find a hot, juicy movie that shows a woman expressing what she wants sensually and sexually and her partner willingly and happily, pleasing her. Where would you go to find it? That definitely isn’t content that you would find on “mainstream” porn sites that are all over the internet. But, you can find that content by clicking on You can also learn much more about this interesting, and dare I say – educational website which was founded by my guest on this show, Lilly Sparks. Afterglow, where they merge, ethical porn and wellness. I’d guess you are curious and have questions? Join us for this interesting interview. If you miss the show on air, the archive will be posted below.
Discussing High Desire People with The Dignified Hedonist
August 6, 2021 • 59 MIN
What is a high desire person? And, what is it like to be a high desire person in a sex-negative world? My guest, Sarah Martin, the Dignified Hedonist, will discuss that and much more on this episode of Ready for Love Radio. Look below for details about the questions we’ll discuss.
Sex Smart Films with Mark Schoen
July 30, 2021 • 55 MIN
When you search online for information about sex, where can you find depending and factual information? We know that many people end up on porn sites and many of us realize they are good for entertainment, but most are good not for actual education about sex and definitely not for intimacy. However, my guest this week, Mark Schoen, the founder and proprietor of Sex Smart Films, has a websites that contains a fascinating collection of research, education and therapy films about sex. Tune in to meet Mark and to learn much more about this very unique collection and how you can get access to this treasure trove of films. (
Pets and Unconditional Love
July 23, 2021 • 48 MIN
On the show I am going to share a very rough week with you, but also some of my best memories and I hope it will bring back some great memories for you. Every pet owner and animal lover knows that at some point, we will have to say good-bye to our pet. We never know when or how that will happen. Most listners of my show have heard my cat Muze in the background at some point – he often meows at some point. And from the beginning of the show, I’ve affectionately called him my furry co-host. Sunday, he started to get weak and dehydrated. By Monday morning, it was clear he was not doing well and I got an appointment to get him into the vet first thing Tuesday morning. We had a very rough night Monday night and early Tuesday morning after I got him to the vet, I got a call that they couldn’t help him. If was far worse than I knew and I had to make the decision to put him to sleep. On this show, I want to share some of my memories and how he supported me through my illnesses and how that made it clear I had to support him during his – I knew the decision was about what was in his best interest, not what would’ve been the least painful for me. I’ll also share some information about the health benefits of having pets and our pets and unconditional love <3
Erotic Massage Coach Lee Jagger
July 16, 2021 • 59 MIN
Who benefits from an erotic massage? Is it the person getting the massage, or the person giving the massage, or is it both people? We will answer that question on this show and many more – and the answer may surprise you. Erotic massage coach, Lee Jagger joins me for this adult content, and enjoyable show, about erotic massage. Put the kids to bed, get comfortable and let’s talk about how to spice up and why to spice up your relationship and why to Rock Your Bedroom – with Erotic Massage.
Flirting and Body Language with the Dignified Hedonist
July 9, 2021 • 59 MIN
Flirting is something that many people feel they know well and other people may be intimidated by. On this episode I invited the Sarah Martin, the “Dignified Hedonist”. all the way from Lithuania, to join me for a lively discussion about how to flirt and how to utilize body language to improve your flirting techniques and your flirting success. We also offer listeners a FREE copy of her new e-book The Hedonist’s Guide to Flirting Archetypes. For a limited time this e-book is FREE, starting August 1st, it will be $27. Get your FREE copy NOW! (I share the link below!)
Harlem Cultural Festival (Sexy Music After Dark #19)
July 2, 2021 • 22 MIN
August 1969 was when Woodstock took place. It was a huge and very well-known music event. However, there was another very large music event that started July 29, 1969 and went through the end of August 1969. It happened each Sunday (except the 4th of July weekend) and happened about 100 miles southeast of Woodstock, in Harlem, New York But, it wasn’t nearly as well-known…. although that may be about to change. A documentary is being released July 2nd, 2021 in theaters and streaming, titled Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised), a feature documentary about the Harlem Cultural Festival. It is the directorial debut of Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, of the band The Roots and the former leader of The Night Show band. On this show, I’ll give you a sneak peak of the line up of the artists from the festival and the sort of music they play. We’ll share some details about the festival. I’ll also share some videos of this artists, not from the documentary – I wish I had those to share, on I’ll also share some additional article and interview links that I found and some previews from the documentary. (I cannot archive the music for copyright reasons, but all videos of the music will be shared on the Facebook page shared above so the songs can be heard and most have performances by the artists.) The content that I shared during the show is contained here and I left 10 second spots where the songs were played. Videos of all the songs are posted here I also posted some additional images and additional links for things I found interesting.
Spirit Animals - Horses
June 25, 2021 • 59 MIN
Welcome to the third show in our spirit animal series. Tonight we'll focus on horses. For this discussion, I invited a long time friend. We met over 35 years ago when we worked for her dad. I've mentioned her on the show several times. You will One thing that will sound familiar to weekly listeners, is that she used to bring her German Sheperd Denver to work each day and my comments about Denver riding in the front of of the truck and looking like a person when the window was snowy. Welll, not only does she love dogs, but she is also a horse lover, that's why she's with me for the show tonight. I want to tap into her personal knowledge and experiences, along with the research.
A D Burks the Aha Architect
June 18, 2021 • 59 MIN
On this episode of Ready for Love Radio, one of the first people I interviewed, back in January 2014, is back to visit and to talk about what he’s doing now. We will talk about being stuck in our lives, finding our purpose, bad habits and relationships. Join us for this and much more.
Power of Ouch with Sondra Harmon
June 11, 2021 • 59 MIN
Do problems and difficulties help us? There is a saying, no pain, no gain. Is that true? What about – what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger? There are many sayings like that, is there any truth to them? On this episode, I’ll talk to author and relationship expert Sondra Harmon. Her book, is The Power of Ouch. Our conversation will give you a peak into the answer to whether we can use the difficulties in our lives and our pasts, to make us stronger and to improve our relationships and our future.
Dream Until Your Dreams Come True
May 28, 2021 • 59 MIN
A woman who has traveled around the world is moving into my area, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and also coming onto Ready for Love Radio this week. She is coming in to share things she’s learned along with her husband over the years and through her studies and meeting people in an interesting variety of cultures and circumstances. We’ll talk about home, love, travel, psychology, fish, pets and more. It’s going to be a diverse show.
Healthy Lifestyles for Summer and Beyond
May 21, 2021 • 58 MIN
Summer is almost here for many people in the world. Here in Virginia, the temperatures are reaching the 70s during the daytime and dipping into the 60s at night. This is also a great time to focus on our health and ourselves. To spend more time outside, to get more sunshine, to breathe in fresh air and so much more.
Dating What the F*ck with Lori Hardacker
May 14, 2021 • 59 MIN
Dating is a challenge for many people and can definitely be difficult. Lori Hardacker is my guest this week and she has written a book about her experiences and she is very clear that it is not a self-help book. It is humorous, it will make you laugh, make you cry, make you laugh out loud and many people will be able to commiserate with the stories. Join Lori and I for this fascinating conversation about dating today and how dating has changed in the last 30 years.
Dolphin Spirit Animals
May 7, 2021 • 59 MIN
This show is the premier of our new Spirit Animal series. I’ve really been looking forward to this series and am very excited about starting these. There is so much to learn about nature and animals – and how we can glean so much knowledge and benefit through our interaction with them. We’ll start with the Dolphin. I want to include that I’m researching in a couple of books and online – please forgive me for any information I get wrong or misinterpret. As the series progresses, I will improve and will learn more. I’m sharing this for entertainment purposes and do not have any formal education in this topic. On upcoming shows, I’ll share new resources I find along the way and feel free to share any with me in the comment sections or in messages – I look forward to our learning more together.
Spirit Animals and You
April 30, 2021 • 59 MIN
From time to time I add new features to Ready for Love Radio and I admit this one is different and definitely “outside the box”. But, I think people who listen to me know that I like “outside the box” and things that make us think and get to know ourselves in deeper and more meaningful ways. Ages ago, I heard people talking about spirit animals but I never heard about them from anyone that I knew personally. I had the opportunity to get more information about spirit animals. I’ve just started to do some research, but so far, I have to tell you all, I’m fascinated with the things I’m learning. Over the last ten years, since my coaching training, I’ve gotten much more aware and in tune with my body and myself on a deeper level. Aware of things around me and taking time the effort to appreciate all my senses – and to appreciate nature. That’s just one reason learning and understanding more about spirit animals seemed interesting to me. And I thought it would be enjoyable to share this journey with all of you. On this show, my friend Paul Bagge is with me to share a great introduction to spirit animals, animal totems, shadow totems. animal medicine and much more. This will help us get some foundational information and background and next week we’ll start looking at one or maybe two specific animals each month.
Do You Fear Being Fabulous?
March 12, 2021 • 59 MIN
Last week we discussed Whitney Houston with Judith and Jim and the things that held her back and caused problems in her personal life. It’s an interesting topic and one that I can relate to, on a much different level of course. Many people deal with this same struggle and we often may not realize it or have any conscious knowledge of that it’s happening to us. This is why I wanted to feature it on back-to-back weeks. This week we’ll cover some information that will sound familiar in the opening but we’ll also delve into new details that can show new aspects of the struggle and how it manifests itself in our lives, how it can make a difference and how we can work this out for ourselves. If you missed the first show, you can hear that show here –
What Killed Whitney and How Could it Affect YOU!
March 5, 2021 • 57 MIN
There have been many theories about who contributed to and what really killed Whitney Houston. On this episode of Ready for Love Radio, Love and Relationship Coach Nikki Leigh digs for some answers. This information is different from the ideas you’ve heard before. We’re not going for the surface answers the media tossed out about drugs and Bobby Brown, We will dig into subconscious reasons that Whitney may not have even realized she was fighting. Through this information we can help others see things in their lives that could trigger problems in their lives. Her’s was exaggerated by her success, but these same things can cause problems for any of us. Join Nikki Leigh as she interviews the husband and wife psychology team Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD on their research and their book “What Really Killed Whitney Houston”. The reason you need to tune in is because their ideas about what killed Whitney Houston can impact anyone’s life…. maybe even yours.
Creative Exercises to Find Your Purpose and Passion
February 26, 2021 • 59 MIN
Finding our purpose and our passion can make a huge difference in our lives and can make us very happy. It can help us be very happy in our lives, our jobs and every other part of our days. But how do we figure out what we are passionate about and what in the world is a purpose? On this podcast we’ll talk about how to figure that out. I’ll give you a variety of ideas and steps to help you figure it out.
You’re Pulling My Leg with Allen Wolf
February 19, 2021 • 59 MIN
What do you do when you want to get to know someone? Likely, you ask them questions. That’s a tried and true way to find out more about them. But, will you think of all the possible questions? Probably not. What then? You could check out “You’re Pulling My Leg” by my guest on this show Allen Wolf. It’s a game that you can play in person, online or even in your car.
126 Days 11 Minutes Our Love Story
February 12, 2021 • 59 MIN
This week right before Valentine’s Day, I share an interview with Lawrence Indiviglia, author of 126 Days 11 Minutes: Our Love Story. Larry shares the story of his and Gayle’s relationship, while brief, it was intense and very loving and there is much we can learn from it. You see, Gayle had Stage 4 breast cancer when they met. She was very honest about this the first day they talked, but he was very intrigued and curious about this woman and he wanted to know more. They decided to have a relationship, for whatever amount of time they would have together. Come along on our enjoyable and enlightening conversation as we share details of their story and insights that could help you and your relationship. It could also provide information to help you in the future. It’s a heart-warming story for your Valentine’s weekend.
How to Find Yourself Again
February 5, 2021 • 60 MIN
After a marriage or in most changes in our life, we can find that we feel we have “lost” ourself or feel disconnected from ourself. When that happens, how do we reconnect with ourself? How do we “find” ourself again? If you find yourself feeling out of place, or uncomfortable in your skin or in your life, This is a fascinating conversation and many times in this interview I felt like I was talking to my twin. We discuss refinding and rediscovering ourself AND not forcing a person into a life that doesn’t feel or seem right for them. This includes forcing people to live up to the stereotypical society “norms”.
Increase Low Self-Esteem
January 22, 2021 • 59 MIN
Low self-esteem is something many people deal with at times in their life. Many different things can cause it and there are things we can do to resolve this problem. On this show, I want to show two interesting memes. I’ll share them below. If you would like to share them, just place your computer mouse on the picture on top of the picture, right click the mouse button and click the “save as” button to save the file to your computer.
Emotional Eating and Body Image with Rita May
January 15, 2021 • 59 MIN
Body image is something that many people and especially women struggle with throughout their lives. From a young age, our mothers and grandmothers may nag us about our weight and tell us that we should be skinny. We need to be skinny and that’s driven home as we get closer to the teen years. Extra weight in often seen as a short-coming or a weakness and we’re told to lose the weight and stay thin. There are many advertisements for diets, and diet foods on TV, on the internet, and on social media. Is it any wonder that we also find ourselves being stressed with our daily lives? That is so true and definitely throughout the past year as we’ve dealt with COVID-19 and the restrictions and uncertainty. As stress grows, we may find that we snack more. This is just one sign of emotional eating. We will discuss a variety of signs, symptoms and causes of emotional eating on the show this week, with my guest Rita May.
Cum With Us with K and J
December 18, 2020 • 59 MIN
My guests this week are a man and woman who write and produce an audio podcast that entertains and stimulates their listeners. The title is “Cum with Us” and they go by the names “K” and “J”. They call their content “ethical porn” and on this show I’ll talk with them about that and much more.
Transforming Power with Hugh Ballou
December 11, 2020 • 58 MIN
Leadership is a skill that we need in many aspects of our lives and in many of our relationships. This is an interview that I did in 2008. The information is good for anyone who wants and needs to show leadership in any situation. Hugh Ballou came to the project with over 40 years experience as a music conductor and he had worked with groups and organizations in many exciting and diverse locations. We talk about his experience, his book, the contributors who share their stories in the book and much more. Many of their experienced are focused around church organizations, but the principles are applicable in organizations, churches, businesses, communities, non-profits and many other situations.
What is Diversity with Dr Susan Kaye
December 3, 2020 • 59 MIN
Diversity is an interesting topic and one that I find confusing. That’s why I wanted to cover it on the show. It’s a topic that I have been looking into with Dr Susan Kaye because of the book we’re working on, and my knowledge is growing, but I do still have questions and there’s always more to learn. On this show, we share some of the basics with you and share some of our thoughts. There are interesting details and research that is rarely if ever shared with people outside of college or other advanced studies that I asked Dr Kaye to share with us. I will also be sharing details about a giveaway each week this month that I’m participating in. Below the show details, I’ll share that information
Questions About Self-Love
November 20, 2020 • 55 MIN
Journaling is something that I always recommend, especially when we need to work through something or need to figure out how we feel about a situation. It is also very helpful when we’re not sure what we think about something. Is there ever a time when you’re trying to make a decision and you’re going back and forth and just can’t figure it out? Journaling is a great way to think of all the options and look at the possibilities and the pros and cons and go back and review them and make that decision. On this show, I’m going to pose a series of ideas and questions that all relate to ourselves and our lives. They ultimately relate to how we feel about ourselves and how we treat ourselves. I’ll share my perspective and some thoughts, and you can consider what you think and I hope that I can provide some helpful things to consider. The questions came from Pinterest and they are posted below. Feel free to share your comments below or in a message.
Sinner's Guide to Confession with Phyllis Schieber
November 13, 2020 • 59 MIN
This week’s show takes us back to a show that I recorded on my Book Promo 101 radio show in 2009 with my client and friend Phyllis Scheiber, where we talked about her novel, The Sinner’s Guide to Confession. In this book she discusses three women, their lives, their relationships with their families and with each other. It is an interesting study of relationships, self-care and how our backgrounds and histories impact our lives. It also shows how a strong support system and friends can help us deal with struggles in our lives. You will also learn some details about her writing process. I look forward to sharing this look back on a really good story I enjoyed and the interworkings on her characters’ relationships.
Maintain Emotional Health
November 6, 2020 • 59 MIN
On ready for Love Radio I try to find relevant and timely topics that I think will benefit my listeners. since this week is the election in the United States, it seemed like providing information about ways to maintain healthy emotions, would be a really good idea. I’ll offer about twenty different suggestions, some on the show and all on this page. I’ll also provide personal examples where applicable. Whatever our personal perspective on current events and personal beliefs, it’s going to be a stressful and topsy turvy week and possibly more, so my thoughts going out to each and every one of you and I hope you will join me for the show. If you aren’t able to tune in on New Visions Radio or TuneIn – remember the show will be archived below and you can listen any time, after it premieres November 5th.
Life with a Narcissist with Lynn McIntosh
October 23, 2020 • 59 MIN
Have you ever been involved with a narcissist? Maybe you got involved with someone and there were some things at the beginning that you weren’t sure about, but you overlooked them. Surely they would work out… But, over time, you got a feeling in your gut that something just wasn’t right. There were signs that there were problems. Slowly over time, you noticed things that felt wrong. You got more and more concerned. Eventually, you realize this person is a narcissist. It that sounds familiar to you or someone you know, or if you’re curious, we are discussing much more about narcissists on this show. There are options, and we share much more.
Create a Conscious Relationship
October 16, 2020 • 59 MIN
How do we create a conscious relationship? How do we focus on ourselves and our subconscious mind when picking a persona person to date? Do you know how our subconscious mind affects your dating and your relationships? Are you a people pleaser? This is just the beginning of the conversation I’ll have with my guest, Jessica Hendricks, who is a Conscious Relationship Coach on this show. We hope that you will join us.
Authentic Peaceful Juicy and Balanced Life
October 9, 2020 • 59 MIN
Would you like to have an authentic, peaceful, juicy and balanced life? That’s a lot to wrapour mind around. Especially this year after all the strange things that have happened in 2020. My guest Ullis Karlsson and I will have an interesting and unusual conversation to give you some things to think about – to make you aware of some of the first steps to being able to have an authentic… peaceful… juicy… and balanced life. Neither of our lives started out that way and Ullis is going to let you know just how polar opposite her life was just about 12 years ago. And, how far she’s come, through hard work, study and research. She wrote a very transparent and vulnerable book about that titled 2:47 The Journey Home to My Heart. We’ll talk about that and also about her newest book. This content is adult in nature and not for audiences under 18 or people offended by certain language.
Three Rules of Marriage with Bill Carmoody
October 2, 2020 • 59 MIN
Many people have their ideas about the rules of dating and the rules of marriage. Usually, they have a big long list of rules. My guest on this show has three. That’s right, he says – well actually, his father-in-law says there are three, count them, three rules to marriage. And, on this show, we’re going to share them with you. They aren’t just the rules to a marriage. Bill tells me, they are the rules to a… multi-decade, blissfully happy marriage. Sounds like you need to tune in to this show.
Invisible Disabilities and Aortic Hope
September 25, 2020 • 59 MIN
This week is a very special but also very emotional and trying week for me personally. So, I decided to bring a couple of sister warriors on the show with me and it is going to be very therapeutic for me and very educational for you. Five years ago, on September 23 2015, I had life-saving and life-changing surgery for an aortic dissection and aortic aneurysm. At the time it was diagnosed I had no clue what that meant, five years and four surgeries later, I have a much better idea, but I’m still learning something each day. But the biggest thing I know is that I’m very thankful to the doctors and nurses at the University of Virginia Health Services that brought me through. And that was no small challenge. Statistically only about 3% of people with this condition survive and my odds were worse because of my condition when I got to the ER. Two other women who had dissections are also on the call with me and they will share their stories and we’ll share information about the condition, what you should look out for, how to know if this is something you may need to be checked for, and we’ll also talk about invisible disabilities. That’s something that I didn’t understand at all until I had to live with one. Lots of interesting information and we’re going to be very open about what we’re living with and how it affects our lives. I’ll also share some resources below for more information. If the condition sounds familiar – I talk about it on the show occasionally, it’s the condition John Ritter and Alan Thicke died from unexpected. We hope to share information and clear up misunderstandings and misconceptions for you. If you have questions, please share them below, contact me or contact the Aortic Hope social media sites. We all want to help 🙂
Are Values Sexy with Heather Montgomery
September 18, 2020 • 59 MIN
What are values? What are your values? If I asked you to tell me what your values are, would you know? The Cambridge Dictionary defines values as: “the principles that help you to decide what is right and wrong, and how to act in various situations“. It seems that “values” have gotten the short end of the stick lately, so my guest, Heather Montgomery and I are going to have an open, honest and sometimes blunt conversation about values. Heather is the founder and CEO of the website We’re also going to talk about the PleazeMe website, their core values, their mission, and how they are helping in the fight against child trafficking. When we get together, you never know what we might talk about and where the discussion may lead.
Light Your Sexual Fire with Courtney Long
September 11, 2020 • 59 MIN
Did you know your life force and your sexual energy are interconnected? Did you know your sexual energy is NOT all about sex and intimacy? On this show we’re going to talk about that and much more with my guest Courtney Long. She is the founder of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality. We will have a very interesting conversation about how your sexual energy is important in ALL parts of your life and even in your creativity.
Be Patient Be Present Be Joyful with Ryan Stanley
August 28, 2020 • 59 MIN
On this show, my guest will present his “first aid kit”, for self improvement and self-development. Ryan Stanley is an entrepreneur and life coach who will join me for a discussion about how we can improve our lives and our relationships. Join us for a lively discussion about his book and his coaching practice.
Lessons Learned by a Life Coach
August 21, 2020 • 58 MIN
Most of the coaches that I interview share that they have gotten into coaching after some upheaval in their own life. My guest on this show had asimilar experience. He originally owned a translation business in Russia, but after his divorce, he delved into self-help material and took a life coaching course developed by Tony Robbins. Last year he fulfilled a life-long dream and moved to North America. He is now working as a life coach in Canada and sharing the things he’s learned through his studies and through his life experiences, with his clients.
Patience, Perseverance and Purpose with Rabbi Dovid M Cohen
August 13, 2020 • 59 MIN
My guest this week is Rabbi David M. Cohen, he is a Rabbi, Therapist, Podcaster and the Author of We’re Almost There: Living with Patience, Perseverance and Purpose. This year is one where we can certainly use those traits in our relationships and all other aspects of our lives. We also discuss communication – something that I think is a great thing for us to always be working on.
Velvet Lips Sexual Education with Marla Renee Stewart
August 7, 2020 • 59 MIN
In this show I will interview and have a lively conversation with Marla Renee Stewart. She’s a sex educator, a professional sexologist and a sex coach. She’s the founder of Velvet Lips Sexual Education and the co-founder of the Sex Down South Conference. She is also the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Seduction and Foreplay. We’ll talk about all these things and more. Check below and I’ll give more details about these things and about Marla
Recovering Touch with Dr Susan Kaye
May 29, 2020 • 59 MIN
For the last several months the United States has been under COVID-19 restrictions to stay home, social distance and avoid touching others and limit touching things – and when we do touch things, we need to use hand sanitizer. At this point, more and more doctors are coming forward and saying these things are going to start having detrimental effects and they could have long-term detrimental effects. On this show Dr Susan Kaye and I will talk about the various types of touch, the background of touch, how we can be in touch, how early in our lives touch is important and much more.
The Food Codes with Lana Nelson
June 14, 2019 • 59 MIN
The Food Codes with Lana Nelson on this Ready for Love Radio. This is a bit of an introduction and I have used many of these ideas over the years, beginning in 1989 and I still do. The difference in how I feel is amazing… “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates. Words to live by, yet many people are dying by the food choices they make. Rather than making sensible choices, most people choose the next fad diet. Looking for the “easy button” most will not get the results they hope for. If anything, they get fatter and sicker with each passing day. “I’ve been fascinated with relationships from as far back as I can remember. Relationships with people, the environment, animals and one that many people never consider, food.”
Unf#ck Your Brain – Trauma, PTSD and Long Term Illness
March 1, 2019 • 59 MIN
This week I welcome Dr Faith Harper back to Ready for Love Radio. She’s the author of Unf#ck Your Brain: Using Science to Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-Outs, and Triggers (Five Minute Therapy Book 1). I’m almost finished with the book, then have to start another one. We did 2 interviews, last week we premiered the first show about how the brain works and our brain along with anxiety, depression and how they impact the brain. If you miss either show, I’ll be including the links to both show page so you can catch up later if needed. This week we talk about how the brain works along with trauma – in a way you can understand. We also talk about the brain, trauma and PTSD. Including a detailed explanation about PTSD – what it is and what it is not. I also got to ask several questions about emergency surgery, long hospital stays and even recovery from “pump head”. As you may have gathered from the title, there will be adult language in the show. A full list of the topics we discuss is included below, along with links to the books on Amazon, links to Dr Harper and more information about her. I can’t wait to share the information with you!
Unf#ck Your Brain – Anxiety in Your Everyday Life
February 22, 2019 • 59 MIN
This week I welcome Dr Faith Harper to Ready for Love Radio. She’s the author of Unf#ck Your Brain: Using Science to Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-Outs, and Triggers (Five Minute Therapy Book 1). I have to tell you, I’m thoroughly enjoying this book and have learned a lot through the parts I’ve read and now through my interviews with Dr. Harper. We did 2 interviews and they will premiere Feb 21 and 28. 2019 and I highly recommend tuning in for both. If you miss either one, I’ll be including the links to both shows on each page so you can catch up later if needed. In the first week we’ll talk about how the brain works – in a way you can understand. We will also talk about the brain and anxiety, depression, anger, and how they impact the brain. As you may have gathered from the title, there will be adult language in the show. A full list of the topics we discuss is included below, along with links to the books on Amazon, links to Dr Harper and more information about her. Next week we’ll talk about your brain and trauma and PTSD. It’s going to be fascinating.
Code of Ethics for Practitioners with Paul Bagge
January 11, 2019 • 59 MIN
Last week we started a conversation about practitioners and abuse with clients. This is NOT all practitioners of course. There are many incredible practitioners and coaches who help people every day and I’ve introduced you to many of them on the show over the last 5 1/2 years. During that show and this show, I want to put out the warning that there are some practitioners and coaches who could take advantage of clients. I’m doing this because there is a problem in the industry and I want my listeners to be armed with this knowledge to be advocates for themselves and to be able to protect themselves.
Sexual Energy and Surrogate Partners with Tova Feder and Paul Bagge
October 5, 2018 • 59 MIN
On this episode of Ready for Love Radio I will share excerpts from my guests Tova Feder and Paul Bagge. I’ve had Tova and Paul on with me before – but I’ve never had them on together and they complement each other very well and the topics work together very well — this is going to be interesting and we have a surprise guest with us… you have to listen to find out who
Am I Normal If... with Dr Susan Kaye
September 14, 2018 • 59 MIN
Have you ever wondered if you are normal or if you “fit in”? Most people have at one time or another. Am I normal if… is a question that my guest Dr Susan Kaye hears in her practice all the time. That led her to want to write a book. That book is just one thing we will talk about on this episode of Ready for Love Radio. Dr Susan Kaye is a sexologist, a sexuality educator, couple’s therapist and a surrogate partner specialist. We’re going to share a fascinating conversation with you.
Heart Health Concerns Related to Intimacy and Sex
February 16, 2018 • 59 MIN
About two and a half years ago I personally discovered what it was like to experience a major heart medical crisis. It is unbelievable that pretty much every facet of my life was impacted and changed overnight. I mention elements of that from time to time on the show, how thankful I am to be alive and the ongoing challenges. I’m certainly not alone. This show is very personal to me and definitely a labor of love, those are two reasons, its the perfect show to air on Valentine’s week. And my listeners know I love to do something “out of the box” for Valentine’s Day 🙂 Dr Stacy Fisher, a cardiologist from the University of Maryland is joining me for a no holds barred discussion about love, sex, intimacy and the heart. We’ll be discussing questions about the heart, surgery, heart trouble, heart attack, aortic disorders, aortic dissection, aortic aneurysm and more – and how it impacts your relationship intimacy and yes, sex.
Maureen Davis Rockabilly Singer Songwriter
November 17, 2017 • 59 MIN
Rockabilly singer, songwriter Maureen Davis of Maureen and the Mercury 5 visits Ready for Love Radio to have a heart to heart talk with Love Coach Nikki Leigh about love dating and marriage potential. We talk about the search for a man, dating, being a successful, strong, independent woman and looking for an eligible man – and we’re going to let you listen in on the conversation. We’ll also share some of Maureen and the Mercury 5 music. There will be some typical girl talk, with some humor and definitely an edge – it is Maureen and Nikki… you just never know what could happen…
Holiday Stress and Family Part 2
November 6, 2017 • 59 MIN
We all wish that wasn’t true but most of the time the holidays plus family is a recipe for stress. How can we change that? What can we do to make the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable? That’s a question many people face every year. I’m Nikki Leigh, a Love Coach and the host of Ready for Love Radio. In November 2017, I invited Dr LeslieBeth Wish and Kristy Heart, a Life Coach to join me on my radio show and we discussed these topics and more.
Holiday Stress and Family Part 1
November 6, 2017 • 58 MIN
Holidays + Family = Stress We all wish that wasn’t true but most of the time the holidays plus family is a recipe for stress. How can we change that? What can we do to make the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable? That’s a question many people face every year. I’m Nikki Leigh, a Love Coach and the host of Ready for Love Radio. In November 2017, I invited Dr LeslieBeth Wish and Kristy Heart, a Life Coach to join me on my radio show and we discussed these topics and more.
Difficult People and Difficult Relationships with Hijackals
October 13, 2017 • 60 MIN
Difficult people can be a part of life, but some people are more difficult than others. There are times when we need to take a close look at our relationship and determine if we need to make changes and take action for our well-being. This is especially true for parents. My guest Dr Rhoberta Shaler will explain how to identify what she calls “Hijackals”, how they effect us, what we need to do about them, much more and she is offering a free gift below. This is a show that I would really encourage people to share with friends or family that may need to hear it. As always a replay of the show will be posted here after the show premiers
Great Sex Can Transform Your Life
June 30, 2017 • 59 MIN
How can your sex life affect the rest of your life? That’s what we talk about on this show. Are you skeptical? You need to tune in. Having a satisfying sex life can have an impact on your creativity, your happiness, your career, your family life, your relationship and even your spirituality. Yes, you read that right, even your spirituality. My guest is Eyal Matsliah, a sexuality expert, and a human potential coach. We will discuss his work, his research, his Ejaculation Control program, his book “Orgasm Unleashed” and much more.
Reclaim a Healthy Sex Life After Sexual Trauma with Dr Lori Bisbey
January 6, 2017 • 59 MIN
Sexual assault can make it difficult to have a healthy relationship and a healthy sex life. Today we will talk about it and talk about how survivors can not only survive, but reclaim a healthy sex life and relationships after sexual trauma. My goal with this podcast is to provide information for trauma survivors, their partners, their friends and families and people who want more information about what survivors face. Dr Lori Beth Bisbey from London is my guest. Below, I’ll share some of the questions we’ll discuss in the interview.
His Porn Her Pain with Dr Marty Klein
December 30, 2016 • 59 MIN
Dr Marty Klein author of His Porn Her Pain visits Ready for Love radio for this podcast. Dr Klein joins me for an interesting conversation about his new book and the current “porn panic”. He also explains the reasoning for the title of his book. Dr Klein has spoken nationally and internationally about these topics and I’m very pleased to have him with me to share his insights with us. Is porn panic really about porn? Is watching porn scientifically proven to be harmful? Is porn addictive? Does porn make people violent? Look below for some of the questions I asked Dr Klein, information about the book and his bio.
Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants
August 27, 2016 • 59 MIN
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a thief. ED takes away physical and emotional intimacy. ED steals your confidence in the bedroom. ED robs you of your manhood. ED walks off with your self-esteem. Left untreated, ED has the power and potential to destroy lives, and end relationships. FullSizeRender (3)Join me for a conversation with Rick Redner and his wife Brenda Redner. They lived this experience, from his diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer, to temporary impotence and a diagnosis of permanent impotence and his search for options. Some of his answers honestly left me speechless and reminded me of my desire to share my story of survival and to educate people about my recent health scare. Its amazing to me that doctors aren’t more forthcoming about the information he had to find on his own – and that he an Brenda are sharing in the pages of their book and on this interview.
Empowering Women with Paul Bagge
April 7, 2015 • 57 MIN
Rev Paul Bagge joins Nikki Leigh for a discussion about what a sexological bodyworker does, why and how it works. We talk about empowering women, sexual awakening, capturing and using your sexual energy and much more. This show can be especially good for women who feel they should suppress or resist their sexuality and also women who are survivors of abuse or assault.
Master of O by Ernest Greene
May 13, 2014 • 57 MIN
Are you one of the millions of people who read and enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey? If the topic is of interest to you or if you are just curious, you should tune into Ready for Love Radio tonight. Long before 50 Shades of Grey was released, there was the Story of O. It is the story of a submissive partner in a power exchange relationship – she shares her story from her point of view. Several decades later, 9 1/2 Weeks was released and it also told the story of a submissive from her point of view. Are you noticing a pattern? All of these stories are told from the woman’s point and/or the submissive point of view.
Sex Addiction with A D Burks - Part 2
January 14, 2014 • 29 MIN
Join your host and love coach, Nikki Leigh, on Ready for Love radio today for a frank discussion about sex addiction. We start with whether sex addiction actually exists, how to tell if you or a loved one is a sex addict, how does pain manifest itself in addiction, what are the 4 steps you should use to overcome addiction and much more. Nikki interviews author and recovering sex addict A D Burks to discuss his experience, his background and why he got involved in helping people have a more positive and healthy life and much more. This is PART 2 of my interview. Episode 15 is part 1. (
Sex Addiction with A D Burks - Part 1
January 7, 2014 • 29 MIN
Join your host and love coach, Nikki Leigh, on Ready for Love radio today for a frank discussion about sex addiction. We start with whether sex addiction actually exists, how to tell if you or a loved one is a sex addict, how does pain manifest itself in addiction, what are the 4 steps you should use to overcome addiction and much more. Nikki interviews author and recovering sex addict A D Burks to discuss his experience, his background and why he got involved in helping people have a more positive and healthy life and much more. This is PART 1 of my interview. Episode 16 is part 2. (
Importance of Touch with Paul Bagge
October 15, 2013 • 29 MIN
There are various types of touch – gentle, subtle, sensual, intimate and erotic. Learn why touch is important, benefits of visiting a body worker, tantric touch, sensual and erotic massage, help for trauma survivors and much more. Paul Bagge, the guest, is a Sex and Intimacy Coach, Holistic Bodyworker, and Spiritual Minister, a man who helps women become “The Goddess They Were Born To Be“.