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Step Fully into Who You Are with Dave Gold
September 23, 2022
How do we find a way to be our most authentic and true selves? This is something that I’ve been talking to my guests lately. And, that conversation will continue this week with my guest Dave Gold. Dave and I will have an open discussion about being honest with ourselves about who we are. Finding ourselves. Finding the people in our lives that will support us in tough times. Having the courage to ask for the things we deserve. We even talk about “the hero’s journey in our own lives.” It’s an interesting talk and it is very likely you will find things that will remind you of your own life.
Show Premieres Thursday September 22nd, 2022 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Questions and Topics We Discuss –

  1. How do you describe self-negation?
  2. Why do you believe that self-negation is the primarily cause of human suffering?
  3. What can we do about self-negation and to help people work through it and to overcome this problem? 
  4. Find success that feeds your soul – not kills it! I free empaths, entrepreneurs and business leaders from self-doubt and self-sabotage so they can enjoy a success worth having
  5. Do YOU Have The Courage To Ask For What You Truly Deserve In Life?
  6. My own Hero’s Journey confirms that our lives make perfect sense when we find the guts—and guidance—to step fully into who we are and what we came here to do.
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About Dave Gold

Dave Gold brings the full power and wisdom of his 45 years as a businessman, trial lawyer, executive consultant, and spiritual mentor to liberate world-changing executives and entrepreneurs from the shackles of self-doubt and self- disqualification.

1973 – 1993 The Making of a Spiritual Warrior/Lawyer

“You re not meant to be a woodchopping monk.” – Richard Rose to Dave Gold, June 1974

I met Richard Rose, the “Hillbilly Zen Master, in 1973 during my first year of law school, shortly after the devastating death of my father left me a confused, cynical (and probably clinically depressed) mess.

This proved to be fertile ground for a wise-cracking, enlightenment-toting Backwoods Buddha who psychologically dismantled me in front of a roomful of strangers while implanting a fleeting taste of The Absolute that remains to this day.

A few months later, I over-dramatically announced that I wanted to spend the rest of my life meditating on his rugged West Virginia farm.

But Rose would have none of it, demanding that I “fulfill my destinies” as both a balls-to-the-wall spiritual seeker and a crusading trial attorney.

Under his demanding (and at times downright sadistic) guidance, I built a phenomenally successful law practice ( while simultaneously living the life of a celibate meditating renunciate.

In 1993, I sold my interest in the practice and left West Virginia to devote myself full time to writing Rose’s biography, After the Absolute.

1994 – 2013 Having and Losing It All

“The greater the doubt, the greater the awakening; The smaller the doubt, the smaller the awakening.
No doubt, no awakening.” -Master Po Shan

A funny thing happened on the way to writing the definitive biography of the Backwoods Buddha: a spiritual brother roped me into starting a software company (which we sold at the peak of the dot-com boom) while spiritually mentoring countless college students at NC State, Duke, and UNC.

And what the hell, as long as Rose was out of the picture, I figured I might as well marry, become a father, devote a dozen years to another spiritual group, and found an online business that I hoped would revolutionize family caregiving.

And then, everything – marriage, money, and the spiritual group – fell apart, leaving me surrendered and primed for a profound Experience while on a meditation retreat in Tuscany in 2013.

2014 – PRESENT – A Love Unimagined

Whatever stands in the way of me loving Juli more, may it be removed.”
-Dave Gold’s prayer upon discovering his Forever Love

So what does a guy like me do for an encore?

After my experience in Italy, I could no longer pretend to be seeking anything.

I had pulled the plug on my most recent entrepreneurial venture (a million dollars poorer), and I no longer had a wife or home to return to. Little could I know that my 62 years of seemingly random and at times traumatic life experiences were the perfect preparation for a Love Unimaginable, which turned out to be everything I had hoped to find in success and/or spirituality.

Out of Nowhere appeared my Forever Love, Juli Reeves, who dropped out of the Universe and rescued me from my ridiculously limited self-image and the tragic destiny that I assumed was the lot for all dedicated seekers.

Soon I was “loving my way” past the quirks and limitations that I had so desperately tried to pray or fast or blast my way through for the past 40 years.

Damn if I hadn’t become a happy, vibrant, optimist who saw and attracted opportunities everywhere and knew that his whole life had indeed been a Hero’s Journey.

What’s more, mine was the universal hero’s journey that will reveal itself as your journey, once you have the heart and courage to cease disqualifying yourself from whatever miraculous bounties Life wants to give you. Then you are free to step fully into your power and potential and bring out into the world that which you most want to give, as only you can give it.