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Emotional Eating and Body Image with Rita May
January 15, 2021
Body image is something that many people and especially women struggle with throughout their lives. From a young age, our mothers and grandmothers may nag us about our weight and tell us that we should be skinny. We need to be skinny and that’s driven home as we get closer to the teen years. Extra weight in often seen as a short-coming or a weakness and we’re told to lose the weight and stay thin. There are many advertisements for diets, and diet foods on TV, on the internet, and on social media. Is it any wonder that we also find ourselves being stressed with our daily lives? That is so true and definitely throughout the past year as we’ve dealt with COVID-19 and the restrictions and uncertainty. As stress grows, we may find that we snack more. This is just one sign of emotional eating. We will discuss a variety of signs, symptoms and causes of emotional eating on the show this week, with my guest Rita May.
Show premieres on Thursday January 14, 2021 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT (United States)

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I’m a certified Nutrition and Diet Adviser and Health Coach.

I use nutrition, psychology and spirituality in my work because I believe that all three are necessary for wellness.

I help busy and driven female professionals, entrepreneurs and hard-working mothers to find time and motivation to eat a balanced diet and transform their relationship with food.

I teach you to stop the negative self-talk and take good care of yourself so food is not your main pleasure source.

I help you reprogram your mind so you stop emotional eating.