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Love Like a Man with Guy Blaise
January 13, 2023
Guy Blaise, the author of Love Like the French, is back with a handbook for the American men who are ready to understand romance and to make a real connection with their partner. In October of 2019, Guy was a guest on Ready for Love Radio to talk about his book, Love Like the French (the interview is at the bottom of the page). We had a great talk and he shared great information. On this show, he’s back to share more thoughts about how to Love Like a Man and we will have a great talk again. Join us – the show premieres Thursday night, January 12th and will replay each night over the weekend. (If you miss the show on air, the replay will be shared below, after 10 pm ET on Thursday the 12th.)
Show premieres Thursday, January 12, 2023 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Topics and Questions We Discuss –

• Realistic Love: How to Enter a Healthy Relationship with Romance and Connection at the Forefront

• Do the French do it Better? Top Lessons from the Experts on Love on Becoming the Partner She’ll Rave About 

• Knock Her Socks Off: Small, Creative, and Romantic Gestures to Show Love on the Daily–Even on a Budget

Guy Blaise Online:

Facebook – @TheFrenchPerspective

Book Details:

Title: Love Like a Man: A Frenchman’s Guide to help American Men Be Better Partners

Publishing Company: The French Connection Publishing

ISBN 13: Paperback 979-8-218-05358-1;

ISBN: ebook 979-8-218-05359-8;

Price: Paperback $14.99, ebook $6.99

Pages: 154

Publication Date: January 24, 2023

Book Description:
Wake up your relationship as you transform into the partner your loved one deserves. From the author of Love Like the French comes a handbook for the American man ready to understand romance and connection.

Relationships are complex, made up of our life experiences—good and bad. If you’ve heard over and over you’re a good man but not a good partner, or you struggle with commitment, compromise, and communication in relationships, there’s still hope.

Frenchman Guy Blaise is back to guide you in this no-holds-barred look at American male-female relationships. Using real dating and relationship questions he’s received from frustrated women and partners, Guy gives you the power to enter a healthy relationship with your feet on the ground and your eyes wide open, also known in French as “realistic love.”

Surprising online dating dos and don’ts, advice vignettes observing some of the most common and complex issues in relationships, plus a list of 50 additional connection tips offer men invaluable boundaries and self-guidance for romance, intimacy, and marriage.

You’ll discover

Love Like a Man is a frank, direct, and downright hilarious conversation you wish you had when you first discovered the opposite sex. Happy relationships start within. Set your pride aside with Love Like a Man and find the confidence to be more than a good man. Be the great partner she’s seeking.

About Guy Blaise

Guy Blaise is an author and Frenchman living and working in America. Previously, he lived in eastern France and Paris, where he witnessed the dating experiences of the strong women in his family and listened closely to his grandmother’s advice about love. After two decades of living between France and the United States—and being struck by the differences between the two cultures’ approaches to romance and sex—Guy began writing books offering his insights and started The French Perspective blog.

His previous books include Love Like the French: A Guide to Better Romance and Relationships; Vive la Difference: A Frenchman’s Perspective on American Women, Love, Respect, and Relationships; Negrophobia; and Dieu Aussi se Plaindrait aux Etats-Unis.

Father to four daughters and a son, Guy enjoys spending time with his family, reading about anthropology, and performing martial arts. He is a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has blue belts in karate and hapkido. Guy currently lives in North Carolina.