Ready for Love with Nikki Leigh Love Coach
Empowering Women with Paul Bagge
April 7, 2015
Rev Paul Bagge joins Nikki Leigh for a discussion about what a sexological bodyworker does, why and how it works. We talk about empowering women, sexual awakening, capturing and using your sexual energy and much more. This show can be especially good for women who feel they should suppress or resist their sexuality and also women who are survivors of abuse or assault.
About Paul Bagge 

Rev. Paul R Bagge has been helping women, couples and men for over 20 years.

Specializing in the areas of Sexual Abuse or Trauma and Sexuality Exploration.

Paul Bagge is an ordained Spiritual Minister, Sexological Bodyworker and a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist.

Paul Bagge is the creator/developer of his own healing modality known as Sensual Reiki™. Sensual Reiki™ is the combination of Massage, Reiki, and the 5,000 yr. old teachings of Tantra.

Working from his home in Southern Massachusetts, Paul believes in working with his clients on a holistic level. Meaning that he works with the individual as a whole, (Body, Mind & Soul) and not just specific parts of any issue. He can work with you one on one for physical work and through Skype and other options for coaching sessions.

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