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Cum With Us with K and J
December 18, 2020
My guests this week are a man and woman who write and produce an audio podcast that entertains and stimulates their listeners. The title is “Cum with Us” and they go by the names “K” and “J”. They call their content “ethical porn” and on this show I’ll talk with them about that and much more.
Premieres on Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Some things we talk about –

What is porn?

What is audio porn?

What is your podcast about?

How do you develop your content?

Tell us about how each of you write. 

Let’s talk about normalizing sexuality. 

How can your content be empowering for women?

How can couples use your podcasts to stimulate conversation with their partner?

How can couples use your podcasts for stimulation with their partners? 

How to Find Cum with Us – 

Our podcast can be found via our website or through your favourite podcast provider.


Instagram: @cumwithusofficial 

Podbean:​             / 

About “K” and “J” – 

Co-Founded by K & J 

Cum With Us founders “K” and “J” create and connect women with free erotic audio stories that are both ethical and arousing. J realized he enjoyed stimulating K with words and imagination and K was tired of morally compromised, seedy, patriarchal porn. Thus, the two sexually liberated feminists created Cum With Us. One can listen to their erotic audio stories via their podcast, which has seen a great deal of growth since it launched in October 2020.

Update regarding the Porn Hub situation –