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Self Actualization Thru Kink with Master Joshua
May 26, 2023
“I do not have the answers, but I have the right questions to help people find the answers for themselves.” That is one of the most empowering statements I have ever heard and it’s part of tonight’s show. It was made by Master Joshua during our interview. He works with people to help them rid themselves of shame and to discover themselves. “The experiences we’ll share, you and I, form a process of self-actualization. This process isn’t about achieving goals or overcoming obstacles, though that’s often a part of it. The actualization I speak of entails embracing who you are on one hand, and becoming who you need to be on the other.” I hope you will join us for this fascinating conversation.
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Topics and Questions We Discuss –

Why did you get started in this work?

Why focus on helping people get rid of their shame?

What sort of “kink” do you include with most people?

What does NTSB stand for?

What is included in non-traditional sexual behavior?

Your intake process is quite lengthy, tell us about it.

What does your training include?

I’m an independent woman – explain submission and domination to me in a way that I’ll appreciate and understand.

Tell us about helping people form deeper connections.

How do you help people learn to communicate better?

People who work with Joshua achieve self-acceptance and are empowered to gain control of and become active participants in their own lives. Through Non-Traditional Sexual Behavior (NTSB) counseling, people achieve self-actualization and become the best, most uninhibited version of themselves. Joshua’s work reaches a variety of people, and has helped hundreds rid themselves of shame, see and embrace their identities and live richer, more materialized lives.

About Master Joshua 

And why I do what I do

My whole purpose is to help people self-actualize. I’ve walked my own journey of identity for as long as I can remember. And in my life’s journey, adversity, stress, anger, and sadness all come in different forms. What I do with my work is take the experience of trying to find myself, my struggles with self-acceptance, and help clear paths so that people can ask themselves these questions. We talk through it. I want people to find their authenticity in expression and existence, to be able to sit in their truth not just in BDSM, but in their entire life.

I needed to accept myself around my struggles with resentment about the color of my skin and the stress around my expression. What was it like to find peace within me? What did it mean to work through my relationships and find peace, and to find peace spiritually and religiously? What would that be like for you?

I teach folks to empower themselves. I provide one-on-one training, couples training, and group training.  For those folks who want to pursue the BDSM route of self-actualization through submission, to really experience those desires, I curate and guide them through an introspective journey. I provide guidance to people trying to discover themselves. These are the various options for the time I spend with people, for personal growth and spiritual development, through the lens of BDSM.

I will empower you through experience and introspection. I will help you find the power of your voice. We will find a way to get your soul to the surface. We will remove blockages and build our own community. Let me help you. Healing through the lens of BDSM, the space we hold is sacred. The feelings and the emotions run deep. Upon reflection on the lives we live, we stand in a judgment-free zone in a space that is empowering in truth. That’s what I get to create. That’s what I create for you.

My purpose in all of this has been to witness other people’s experiences in life, to capture them in my memory, and to use all this knowledge to help others find peace within themselves. With permission, I photograph what I witness. I bring all of this experience to bear on how I help you, and in this way, you will contribute to helping me to help others find themselves.

Let’s connect with all parts of yourself. Let’s acknowledge the wide range of personalities we all have.