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What it Means to Love Yourself with Grace Bryant
May 4, 2018
On almost every show I say something about how important it is to love yourself and people tell me all the time that of course they love themselves. That is at the heart of my Love Accept and Respect Yourself Program which is one of the main reasons I started this radio show. Tonight, my guest, Grace Bryant and I will dig deep and discuss just what it means to love yourself in a way I haven’t done on the show before. We will talk about self-love, self-acceptance, authenticity, co-dependency and much more. You won’t want to miss it.
Some of the things we discuss –

What does it mean to Love? Self or others?
Different traditions interpret “self” differently. What would you say “self” even means?
When we put that together, Self-Love means …
What’s in the way of loving ourselves? Why do we make decisions counter to loving ourselves?
How do we start loving ourselves?
What’s the difference between comfort & Love?
How can choosing to be uncomfortable actually be a sign of loving ourselves?
There’s a fine line between discomfort that brings growth and discomfort that brings pain. How do we walk that edge?
How do we show ourselves compassion when we’re learning how to make choices from a place of Love?
Sometimes in intimate partnerships/relationships we make decisions because we want to feel love from others. Is this self-love? Or something else?
What’s the difference between giving and receiving Love?
What does it mean to be authentic?
Self-acceptance is a trendy thing right now. How do we see our flaws and imperfections and accept all of it? Without feeling resigned or disappointed in the things we want to change?

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About Grace Bryant –

Grace Bryant is a relationship and sexuality coach, retreat facilitator and yoga-meditation instructor. She is currently residing in Seattle and often ventures to wherever in the world her work is desired. She has been a whole life educator for nearly 2 decades, integrating drama, music, movement, meditation and yoga, mindful living, creative play, teamwork, conscious collaboration and leadership. Her Yogic path began in 2005 when her sister dragged her (kicking and screaming) to a Yoga class. She fell in love with savasana and came back just for relaxation.

In 2007, she was inspired to start teaching informally and since then has studied and taught in 6 countries and devoted her entire life to the journey of awakening. Grace recently completed the Hridaya Teacher Training in Mexico and is beyond grateful to have received the teachings of Advaita Tantra and the Spiritual Heart. She believes these teachings can transform the consciousness of anyone who practices them sincerely.

Grace’s favorite classes are those which expand consciousness and also incorporate how to live with more awareness, trust and compassion. She leads coachings, classes, discussion groups, workshops, women’s groups, and retreats in the Pacific Northwest and abroad with a focus on living with an open heart. With the support of her teachers and worldwide communities, she continues to unfold into a deep sense of peace and trust and hopes to share this in her teachings.