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A Cuddlist and A Platonic Touch Therapist with Jasmine Siemon
February 11, 2022
A cuddlist? A Platonic Touch Therpist? Have you heard of these specialties? Cuddlists have been around for several years. But the term Platonic Touch Therapist is fairly new and the training is very new. I recently met Jasmine Siemon on a training call for another program and knew right away that I wanted to have her on the show to talk about what she’s doing and the training she’s developing. Join us to learn much more.
The show premieres on Thursday February 10th at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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About Jasmine –

Jasmine Siemon is the founder of Tangé Wellness in the DC Metropolitan area. She is a Platonic Touch Practitioner, Human Connection Facilitator and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach committed to helping adults who suffer from loneliness, depression, anxiety and sadness, feel loving acceptance through trusted, applied touch and human connection. It is with compassion, empathy, authenticity and holding a safe, non-judgmental space that her clients can access and share radical honesty without fear of repercussions. Jasmine has given seminars and talks at senior centers, elementary schools and conventions to educate the community around touch, consent and boundaries.

She has created the first Platonic Touch office where clients can be sure the work is safe, ethical and professional. Between juggling a private practice, being an avid learner of neuro-science and mother to three amazing boys, she makes sure to schedule weekly runs with her local run club and daily meditation and yoga. Taking care of herself so she can care for her family and clients is of the utmost importance. Currently she is focused on creating a Platonic Touch Academy to teach practitioners and other touch enthusiasts about providing applied platonic touch. Also, working with her industry colleagues to create a touch association to better support platonic touch professionals.

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