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A D Burks the Aha Architect
June 18, 2021
On this episode of Ready for Love Radio, one of the first people I interviewed, back in January 2014, is back to visit and to talk about what he’s doing now. We will talk about being stuck in our lives, finding our purpose, bad habits and relationships. Join us for this and much more.
Show Premieres Thursday June 17th, 2021 at 9 pm ET/6pm PT

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Topics and Questions We Discuss

  1. What do you do?
  2. What is an Aha! Moment
  3. What was one of the biggest aha moments you had?
  4. How do you define stuck?
  5. What percentage of Americans are stuck?
  6. What area are most people stuck in?
  7. Why are people stuck?
  8. Do people need to set boundaries to get unstuck?
  9. What problem do you see clients and people in general having with self-worth?
  10. What is The Relationship Fit Quiz?
Books by A D Burks

Sex & Surrender: An Addict’s Journey

The 4 STEPS: A Practical Guide to Breaking the Addictive Cycle

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Here are the samples from both books:

About A D Burks

“At the root of unhappiness is unaddressed pain,” says A.D. Burks.

A.D. Burks, The Aha! Architect, is a life coach who creates aha moments and helps clients get unstuck. As the author of two books, Sex & Surrender: An Addict’s Journey and The 4 STEPS: A Practical Guide to Breaking the Addictive Cycle he helps individuals struggling with unaddressed pain.

Through his pursuit of experiential knowledge and with mentorship from experts, A.D. was finally able to determine what was preventing him from attaining peace and fulfilling his life’s purpose. He developed the understanding that there are four keys to getting unstuck and being truly happy.

A.D.’s biggest lesson in life came from his greatest struggle, overcoming sex addiction; which only five percent (5%) of addicts are able to beat. He says, “To overcome addictions, obsessive overthinking and traumas you have to truly understand self, others and establish a personal life plan. Unfortunately, they don’t teach these things in a classroom!”

He graduated in the top five percent (5%) of his high school class and finished his B.A. in chemistry in three years. Then, A.D. decided to pursue music and worked at RedZone Entertainment; which produced hits for Beyonce, Usher, Celine Dion and Justin Bieber. He got his MBA at Rice University in his hometown of Houston, TX.

A.D. has taught in every academic setting from grade school to graduate school. Now, he has committed himself to helping people reignite passion, refine purpose, renew self-confidence and sustain motivation. Regardless of why or where you feel stuck, A.D. Burks is here to help create your aha moment and get you unstuck.