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Impact of Religion on Sex and Relationships
March 3, 2017
Religion and sex is something that I’ve wanted to do a podcast about for a long time. But, let me be clear up front that this is not about individual scriptures, doctrines or teachings. This podcast is about the impact of religion on relationships and the sexuality of individuals, not individual beliefs. Many of the things we discuss on this podcast may be subconscious – and many of these things will very likely be outside your comfort zone. I won’t deny that at all and neither would Dr Darrel Ray, my guest. This will likely be one of my most politically incorrect shows to date – but the point is not to insult or bash religion. The purpose is simply to educate and to share thoughts that people likely haven’t thought about.
I was raised in a religious household and it took me years to realize many of the things we discuss in
the podcast. My coaching training and many of my guests over the last 130+ shows have also tapped into topics that have got me thinking about other things that opened up many other perspectives – many of those things will be mentioned today. Although my guest will do most of the talking  I’d highly recommend taking a look at his book Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality. Its likely you won’t agree with everything, but you will learn a lot about western and eastern religions and the information is fascinating and very revealing. This is one of those times I recommending opening your mind – but my regular listeners know that I love learning new things and seeing different perspectives 

Some questions we will discuss –

Listeners can download a copy of the God and Sex survey here –