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Reclaim a Healthy Sex Life After Sexual Trauma with Dr Lori Bisbey
January 6, 2017
Sexual assault can make it difficult to have a healthy relationship and a healthy sex life. Today we will talk about it and talk about how survivors can not only survive, but reclaim a healthy sex life and relationships after sexual trauma. My goal with this podcast is to provide information for trauma survivors, their partners, their friends and families and people who want more information about what survivors face. Dr Lori Beth Bisbey from London is my guest. Below, I’ll share some of the questions we’ll discuss in the interview.
Some questions to be discussed –

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About Dr Lori Bisbey –
Dr Lori Beth is a psychologist and

 sex and intimacy coach who has been in practice since 1987.   She specialises in working with individuals, couples and polyamorous groups to help them create their ideal lasting relationships.  She has particularly expertise working with people who have been traumatised and co-authored a book on the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder published by John Wiley and Sons in 1998.   Dr Lori Beth sees people in person in London.  She sees people in person in the US for intensive work only.  She sees people by Skype, Gotomeeting and phone as well.  Dr Lori Beth has a weekly podcast, The A to Z of Sex .  Her writings can be found on ,, and
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