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Erotic Massage Coach Lee Jagger
July 16, 2021
Who benefits from an erotic massage? Is it the person getting the massage, or the person giving the massage, or is it both people? We will answer that question on this show and many more – and the answer may surprise you. Erotic massage coach, Lee Jagger joins me for this adult content, and enjoyable show, about erotic massage. Put the kids to bed, get comfortable and let’s talk about how to spice up and why to spice up your relationship and why to Rock Your Bedroom – with Erotic Massage.
Show Premiers Thursday July 15th, 2021 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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About Lee Jagger –

Lee Jagger is the CEO and founder of Rock The Bedroom — the only sex education community of its kind.

She helps women be more confident, creative, and playful in the bedroom. Specializing in erotic massage, she makes it easy for women to embrace their power and take charge between the sheets, knowing exactly where and how to touch a man to drive him wild. 

Lee has taught in-person and online workshops internationally and helped women move from a stale, same ol’ sex routine to the next level of passionate playtime.

It’s her mission to normalize conversations around sexuality and make obligatory sex become a thing of the past.