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Great Sex Can Transform Your Life
June 30, 2017
How can your sex life affect the rest of your life? That’s what we talk about on this show. Are you skeptical? You need to tune in. Having a satisfying sex life can have an impact on your creativity, your happiness, your career, your family life, your relationship and even your spirituality. Yes, you read that right, even your spirituality. My guest is Eyal Matsliah, a sexuality expert, and a human potential coach. We will discuss his work, his research, his Ejaculation Control program, his book “Orgasm Unleashed” and much more.
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About Eyal Matsliah

Eyal Matsliah is a sexuality expert, and a human potential coach.

At Intimate Power, he helps business people use their mojo and their sexual energy, to unleash their full potential.

Once they learn to love and accept themselves, they are able to express their higher gifts, help more people, and make more money.

He’s the author of “Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power”, an orgasm guide for women, which has been endorsed by sexuality industry leaders such as Layla Martin and Bonnie Bliss.

He also publishes blogs and online programs, and holds coaching sessions, public talks and weekend workshops.

He has been fascinated by sexuality, spirituality, and business since an early age.

Throughout his life he has been yo-yoed between these realms, never quite finding where he belongs.

He discovered Tantra in 2005 and it changed his life. He realised he has been practising it before he even knew what it was.

He lived for seven years on a tropical island in an alternative community, exploring Tantra, Yoga, spirituality, attending workshops and seminars, doing months of meditation retreats every year, studying philosophies, practicing different healing modalities, and exploring everything that interested him.

He co-founded a Tantra school, which quickly became an instant success (read: attendees, reputation, and $$).

He then founded his business, Intimate Power, which combines sexuality, business and human potential.

His website, his coaching sessions, and his transformational workshops are about this integration:

His greatest satisfaction is helping someone step into their power, own their sexuality, and turn their talent into an offering they can charge for.

Check out some things that his clients say about him and about their experience.

He’s here because he’s dedicating his life to studying and practising what he’s passionate about, because he’s totally committed to his purpose, and because he studied with amazing teachers. They include: Swami Vivekananda Saraswati (Agama Yoga), Sahajananda (Hridaya Yoga), David Deida, Baba Dez (ISTA), Tony Robbins, Sasha Cobra, and his closest friends. His clients have probably taught him the most profound lessons.

His business, his website, his work, and his life, are consecrated and dedicated to the realisation and expression of our highest potential and our divine self.