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Cate Osburn Talks About Neurodivergency and ADHD
October 28, 2022
About six months ago I heard the word neurodivergent for the first time. The definition I heard was sort of limited and it left me fairly confused. Recently I received a press release from a friend that mentioned neurodivergency and Cate Osburn and I was intrigued. So, you know me, I had to invite her to come on the show to explain it to us. Catie is with us today and we’ll talk about neurodivergency, ADHD, and much more. You may recognize her from her online username Catieosaurus – and from her very popular mental health podcast ‘Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest – an ADHD adventure’. We’re also asking you to send in your questions about ADHD, sex and intimacy to – if we get enough questions, we’ll do another show and answer many of your questions. I’d love to do the show, so send in those questions!
Premiere Thursday, October 27, 2022, at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Some Questions We Discuss –

What is neurodivergency?

What sort of things that listeners would recognize are included within neurodivergency?

Maintaining mental health as a content creator –

First of all – what are some sorts of content creation?

Do you feel people with mental health concerns shy away from or just totally avoid these kinds of pursuits because of their challenges?

How can we encourage people with types of mental health concerns – to feel that they can get into some sorts of content creation?

How does content creation stress your mental health?

I hear that you talk about the fork theory and it’s similar. So I have to ask, What is the Fork Theory?

Learning styles vs Learning preference

How does your work as a neurodivergent advocate tie in with being a sex educator?

About Cate Osborn –

Cate Osborn, aka Catieosaurus, is a certified mental health and certified Neurodivergent sex educator, content creator, podcast co-host of ‘Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest – an ADHD adventure’, advocate in tabletop roleplaying games and relationship spaces and online media personality with a community of more than two million followers and 500 million views/fan engagement on OnlyFans, TikTok, Twitter, IG and Twitch, where she creates informative videos that inspire and uplift others in need of positive reinforcement and support.

Prior to her advocacy work, Osborn was a professional magician, held the position of Entertainment Director at Fairburn’s Georgia Renaissance Festival, and was an actor and teaching artist at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, VA. She holds two master’s degrees in Shakespeare and a BFA in Theatre, and, after a formal ADHD diagnosis at age 30, now prioritizes educating others on the importance of maintaining mental health while also struggling with the ups & downs of depression.