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Surrogate Partner Training in Sex is the Least of It with Tova Feder Ph D
May 27, 2022
There are many misconceptions about Surrogate Partner Therapy. It is something that confuses a lot of people and its the topic of Tova Feder’s book, Sex is the Least of It. This fascinating book is a compilation of interviews with over two dozen surrogates and therapists who work with surrogates. They share a wealth of insights to help people understand the work, the research and study behind the work, what brought them to the work and so much more. There are men and women, they vary is age from 30 to 85, some from the US, Holland and Israel. There are 22 college degrees among the participants and decades of experience. Feder presents in depth interviews with each of the participants that gives you many details about their experiences and backgrounds. There is simply no other information on the market that gives you this kind of insight into the field of surrogate partner therapy.
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About Tova Feder –
Dr. Feder received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Ohio University. She worked as a social worker and community organizer for one of the largest family mental health agencies in Los Angeles. In pursuit of an advanced degree on the graduate level, she studied psychology at Antioch University at its Marina Del Rey campus in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Feder then completed her studies at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality where she received her Ph.D. She is also a credentialed Sex Educator and Clinical Sexologist. She has continued post-graduate studies in psychology and human sexuality at UCLA.

She is a nationally recognized expert in human sexuality, particularly sexual dysfunction. She has worked primarily with the behavioral “sensate focus” approach pioneered by sex researchers Masters and Johnson. She is also a certified dating coach, which enables her to work with shy clients to help them develop their social skills. She’s a member of the American College of Sexologists and the author of 8 books.