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Confessions of a Publicist
April 15, 2022
Join us on this podcast to learn more about relationships, business and networking. This week I have the opportunity to introduce you to my friend and networking acquaintance Brian Gross. Brian is the founder and owner of BSG PR, Publicity firm based in LA. We met in 2009, on Facebook and have worked on projects together. I found out some interesting things in our background, in our work ethic and business values that we have in common during the interview. Won’t you join us? We’ll also get an update on what’s happening and special events that are coming up at There is also a special link for new members below!
Show airs Thursday, April 14th, 2022 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT 

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Some Things We Discuss with Brian From BSG PR 

·       How he got into this field?

·       What niche he works in?

·       Details about the sort of clients he represents?

·       His thoughts about work ethics?

·       How adult actors can expand their work and income?

·       One of his favorite memories from past clients.

Some Things We Discuss with Heather from

·       Tell us about the 100 Top Sexperts of 2021 Contest.

·       What is Joyful Reviews and how can my listeners, reviewers, brands and creators participate AND make money there?

·       What is this rumor I heard about members investing in PleazeMe?

·       And can I still share my special link with listeners to give them 3 FREE MONTHS on the site? PLEASE! —  My link for you to get a 3 month FREE VIP Membership and special offer for 1 year –


Contact Brian Gross – Website – Twitter – @bsgpr – Links for – My link for you to get a 3 month FREE VIP Membership and special offer for 1 year – Check out the NEW Joyful Reviews Website – Join as a consumer, a brand, a crea  or an influencer – and earn money as ALL of those people!

Brian Gross Bio –

Brian Gross, President of BSG PR, has been in the service of media and public relations for over 29 years. Gross has been employed by companies such as Def American Recordings, Warner Brothers Records, Reprise Records, Elektra Entertainment Group, Vivid Entertainment Group, and such organizations as The Lollapalooza Tour. Brian Gross was an Executive Producer for Reality-X: The Search For Adam & Eve.  His background includes all facets of public and media relations, working with some of the largest businesses, celebrities and music acts in the world.