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Critter Code with Warren Kennaugh
December 10, 2021
How do we know how to interact with our partner? How can we figure out the best way to understand their personality and behavior? My guest on this episode has an interesting and unique way to discover details about people in our lives. Tune in to find out his fascinating code and to find out about a special offer just for my listeners.
Premiere Thursday, December 9th, 2021 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Critter Code Products

Critter Code Quiz – which critter is my partner?

Curb Your Critter – understanding how to best manage your partners derailing behaviours so that you are not diminished and can remain confident and your authentic self.

Critter Code book –

The Critter Code is the worldʼs first relationship profiling tool. Find out what type of ʻcritterʼ you are in a relationship with. Are you a Rhino Wrangler, Zebra Tamer, Chimp Chaser, Beekeeper, Lapdog Trainer, Jellyologist, Sheep Herder, Peacock Preener or Owl Handler?

Illustrated by quirky cartoon animal the Critter Code influences how your partner feels, what they think about and ultimately how they behave. Understand their code, including their secret hopes, fears and inner motivations and some of their most confusing behavior makes more sense.

Effectively the Critter Code allows you to speak their language. If you are speaking Bee to a Zebra – they will never understand – even if you shout, speak really slowly or use weird hand gestures! But learn Zebra, even the basics and you can make a massive difference to the quality and connectedness of your relationship.

Instead of profiling yourself which often just leads to more fluency in your own language, the Critter Code encourages you to step into your partnerʼs shoes and understand the person you love in a more meaningful, open and useful way.

About Warren Kennaugh –

Warren is a self-confessed personality profiling nerd. “There are never enough Mind Hunter style shows to stream on Netflix”.

His passion for understanding how others think, feel and act has led him across a 26-year career as a consulting Behavioural Strategist advising elite individuals and teams within large corporations and professional sports on the art and science of relationships. 

Trained at Harvard and Melbourne Business School, Warren is recognized as a profiling expert, author of two books and over 30 publications.

Believing that relationships are based too much on trial and error he with his business partner Karen McCreadie developed the Critter Code so that others could strengthen their life partner relationships in a fun and engaging manner.

“What makes the person you love tick is all very predictable once you understand their personality”