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Advancing Sexual Health for the Christian Client With Rev Beverly Dale
April 12, 2019
Sexuality and faith, can they be combined to form a healthy relationship? My guest today thinks they can be and her new book helps professionals and people of faith do that. She is Reverend Beverly Dale and we’re going to have a lively discussion about her work and her book. We’ll also delve into one of my priorities which is the guilt and shame that so many women face due to their backgrounds and religious upbringings. Join us for an interesting and enlightening conversation.
Thursday at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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More Information About Rev Beverly Dale – Her main Site – Her training site – Resources she mentioned – Her YouTube Channel

About Rev Dr Beverly Dale

Reverend Beverly Dale is a published writer, vocalist, and performer, in addition to being an ordained minister. Her ministry has taken her from being a Pastor in a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) parish in Illinois for 6 years to 21 years of campus ministry at the University of Pennsylvania and now as the Founder and Chair of the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith. This is an educational non-profit that teaches an inclusive, science-friendly and sex-positive Christianity.

Her ministry has a very specific and unique focus: to help people of faith heal from the sexual wounding that occurs when they are taught to separate the spirit from the body, and also to provide tools for those who are developing a Christian theology that affirms the body and pleasure as God-given.

About Advancing Sexual Health for the Christian Client 

Advancing Sexual Health for the Christian Client is an essential toolkit for professionals working at the intersection of Christian belief and sexual health. In this book, Beverly Dale and Rachel Keller deconstruct potentially harmful Christian beliefs around sexuality to support clients stuck in sexual guilt, shame and fear.

Combining the experience of an ordained Christian clergy with a certified sexologist, this guide promotes a new approach to sex and faith for therapists, which will help their clients to reconcile a belief in God’s love with sexual knowledge and fulfilment. Grounded in historical and cultural contexts, and drawing from both academic research and scriptural exegesis, the authors offer practical clinical applications and interventions to enable clients to re-examine their sexual beliefs in a way that encourages sexual healing.