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Dysfunctional Holidays and Family Gatherings
November 25, 2022
Do you plan to have time with your family, extended family and friends over the Thanksgiving weekend? Are you spending time with family and friends for Christmas and New Years? Do these times make you apprehensive about spending this time together? Let me tell you - YOU are NOT ALONE! Several years ago, Leslie Beth Wish, Kristy Heart, Georg Hegelmann and I did a radio show about family relationships and the holidays. During the last part of the show I got the idea to take the questions from the show and turn those, and a few more questions, into a book to help people who stress over the holidays. I asked LeslieBeth and Kristy if they wanted to join me. Then I asked a few other former guests if they wanted to join us. When we were done we have 6 coaches and therapists, over 120 pages of tips and suggestions and a LOT of information to help you prepare for the holidays with your family and friends. Dysfunctional Family Gatherings and the Holidays Kindle ($2.99) - Paperback ($8.97) -
Thursday, November 24, 2022, at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Dysfunctional Family Gatherings and the Holidays

Kindle ($2.99) -

Paperback ($8.97) -

There is information in the book that isn't in the show and I included the link for that show with LeslieBeth, Kristy and Georg and I'll also share that and the original show I did with Leslie Beth a couple of years ago. Lots of great information to get your really ready for the holidays. The book is in a Kindle edition and in paperback, so you can read it anywhere and take it with you on your smartphone or tablet. 

On this Ready for Love Radio show Kristy Heart and I will give you a preview of the questions we discuss in the book and some highlights of our answers - but we'll barely scrape the surface of the information in the book. Links to the book on Amazon are below and to the original interviews that we did and lots of questions and answers about dealing with family during the holidays. 

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