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Am I Normal If... with Dr Susan Kaye
September 14, 2018
Have you ever wondered if you are normal or if you “fit in”? Most people have at one time or another. Am I normal if… is a question that my guest Dr Susan Kaye hears in her practice all the time. That led her to want to write a book. That book is just one thing we will talk about on this episode of Ready for Love Radio. Dr Susan Kaye is a sexologist, a sexuality educator, couple’s therapist and a surrogate partner specialist. We’re going to share a fascinating conversation with you.
Thursday at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET

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Some of the things we discuss – 

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About Dr. Susan Kaye –

My goal is to guide you as you discover your body, your emotions, and your feelings engaging you in personal experiences to enhance and inspire day to day celebration of physical being. 

I understand the difficulty most of us face in achieving personal aspirations for love and relationship, whether you are a single male or female and for those couples who are striving to balance it all with family responsibilities and the desire to maintain the spark in their romantic life.

My unique career path has helped countless people remove years of emotional pain, trauma, secrecy and ignorance and enabled them to reclaim their lost pleasure birthrights of celebrating our physical being, exquisite sensuality and blissful sexuality.

What fuels my work

I am a Tantra Teacher and Coach with a PhD in Human Sexuality, 20 years experience as a body worker, yoga teacher and 10 years in the field as a sex therapist and sex educator, which has taken me down several career paths, required multiple leaps of faith, and yes, hopping on many lily pads to become both a trained bodywork therapist as well as a clinical counselor and coach.