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Long-Term Relationships with Andre Paradis
February 17, 2023
What does it take for a healthy and successful long-term relationship? Love, respect, passion, equality, partnership, money, lots of material possessions, children, I could go on all day listing possible things that could be the things that are needed – and I’m sure everyone that reads this has definite ideas about what is and is not needed. And, there are many different perspectives about what is right and wrong about what is needed. This week, my guest, Andre Paradis and I, discuss his perspective on what is needed to have a successful long-term relationship. I welcome your thoughts in the comment section of the show page ( about our discussion.
Show Premieres February 16th, 2023 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Topics and Questions We Discuss

How to build a healthy, fulfilling, long-term love relationship?

The dance of the Masculine

How our cultural beliefs make love relationships harder than ever

Feminine energies that flow in nature

Why masculinity is not the problem

Why equality kills intimacy

What makes a man commit to his one and only

What women do to keep men from caring, protecting, providing

How does early sex kill the building of a healthy, long-term love relationships

Why men go their own way

How the hook up culture destroys cultures and societies.

Why do you say equality is the kiss of death in a love relationship?

What makes a love relationship last?

Why do you say equality is unnatural?

If not equality, what do you believe works best then?

Why do you say that vulnerability is the secret?

What makes a man commit and what makes him leave?

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About Andre Paradis – Educator, Coach, Artist

Andre has been a teacher and educator his whole life. He taught around the world, from Japan to Bangkok and back. In 2006, he started studying Male/Female dynamics purely by accident. His discoveries were so profound that he soon immersed himself in research and the teacher in him “exploded”… teaching to his amazing discoveries.

Andre Paradis, Relationship Coach, NLP Coach, Educator of Effective Communications, Published Writer, Public Speaker, Ordained Minister. Grew up in Canada, he went on a vacation in Los Angeles and was scouted and became a professional, got an agent, auditioned, and booked work that led to a life of unforgettable experiences dancing with legends including Michael Jackson, Prince, Paula Abdul, Julio Eglesias to name a few. He met his wife and they settled in LA where they opened AP Auto Body. By 2006, they had two beautiful kids. He then attended a workshop called “Understanding Women”. He then studied and learned from some of the biggest relationship masters (Dr. Pat Allen, Dr. Esther Perel, Dr. John Gray, Shantie Feldhan and Alison Armstrong). He started sharing his knowledge with friends and family. He saw that this knowledge actually helped people lead happier lives with the people they love. He found a new purpose in life… The Big Calling deep inside him. He then sold his successful Auto Shop and launched Project Equinox Coaching to help men and women learn to build stronger long-lasting and healthy Love relationships. For some clients, He even officiates their wedding.