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Crafting Healthy Masculinity with Frank Paul Vignola
June 2, 2023
In the media and on social media, we hear plenty of people talking about “toxic masculinity”. However, we don’t hear many talking about “healthy masculinity”. I think we should be and need to talk about “healthy masculinity” and we’re going to kick that discussion off right here, with my guest Frank Paul Vignola. He is a man’s life coach and he is the author of Crafting Masculinity. We invite you to join us for our discussion about his story, his coaching, and how to have healthy masculinity. (Replay times and the replayer will be posted below in case you miss the premiere.
Premiere Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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About Crafting Masculinity: Qualities Men Want & How to Get Them by Frank Paul Vignola –


Who really cares? You can spend your life trying to turn something gray into black and white, but you’ll end up negotiating your own biases and grasping at straws somewhere along the way.


That’s the question life coach for men, Frank Paul Vignola believes most men are actually interested in having answered… and that’s exactly what he does. It’s actually not all about racing cars, shooting guns, deadlifting and “f*cking mad bitches.” No. Without perpetuating toxic masculinity, othering any groups, or taking on any political stance, Crafting Masculinity: Qualities Men Want & How to Get Them acknowledges the ideals many men grew up with and presents them in a way that allows the reader to see the positive qualities underneath the idealized behaviors so he can apply them to himself healthily and authentically. It’s an outside-in and inside-out approach to removing the great chasm between the man you are and the man you always wished you could be. From a comprehensive assessment of character strengths to mastering body language, voice and speech, assertive communication, emotional regulation and more, this handbook serves as a powerful tool for men who have lived their lives questioning their masculinity or feeling inadequate.

“I’ve spent the last decade coaching men and studying human behavior through various interactive modalities and performing arts training, trying to help men cultivate healthy masculinity. Coaching and the arts, two very different avenues to understanding the many sides of men, have given me the ability to peer into some of the deepest realms of that abyss. I’ve worked with men in their teens, men in their sixties, straight men, gay men, non-binary men, men of all different ethnicities and men from all parts of the world. I’ve seen the parallels in what these different men want, what motivates them most and the qualities they admire in other men and want for themselves.” —Frank Paul Vignola

About Frank Paul Vignola –

Frank Paul Vignola is a professional self-mastery coach and mentor with a unique perspective and personal experience overcoming adversity. Growing up in a toxic household in suburban New Jersey, he struggled with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and substance abuse, and after being expelled from high school and spending several years in rehabs, group homes and institutions, Vignola crossed paths with inspiring mentors who helped him turn his life around.

Through these experiences, Vignola discovered his passion for coaching, particularly to young men facing similar challenges. At just 17 years old, he began conducting leadership circles and mentoring new residents at the boys’ home where he lived and studied. Later, he pursued the Dramatic Arts to utilize acting tools in his coaching practice to help men cultivate their masculinity.

Through his coaching sessions and self-help guide, Crafting Masculinity: Qualities Men Want & How to Get Them, Vignola fosters a compassionate and open-minded environment that helps men realize their inner strength and full potential.  He holds a strong belief that everyone is capable of positive transformation and is committed to guiding them toward discovering their own resilience.