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Better Topics The Dating Game
September 9, 2022
Last season we met Diana Indries from the Better Topics company and she shared their card game, Better Topics card game for Couples. It is a fascinating way for couples to have fun conversations, learn more about one another and pick fun rewards for their efforts. This fall, she’s back to share a new game they are doing a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the game to the world. The new card game is Better Topics The Dating Games. Tune in or listen to the podcast to learn more about this new game. There is also a video link below to see Diana and her husband playing a game.
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From Manager in the corporate world of NHS (National Health System) in the UK to Creator and CEO of Better Topics.

Helped thousands of couples in over 170 different countries improve their relationship and communicate more effectively while still having fun by playing the Better Topics Game for Couples. A game that encourages couples to have those much-needed deep conversations, but with the fun and light-heartedness of a game.

The best part is that Better Topics is a repeatable game, so couples can play this over and over again.

The game also won the Innovative Gaming Product of the Year 2021/22 at the Central England Prestige Awards.