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Sexy Music #24 End of Summer Songs
September 2, 2022
This holiday weekend kicks off the beginning of Season Nine of Ready for Love Radio! And I am so happy to have you with me – whether you are here for the premiere, a replay over the weekend or for the archive. Welcome to Ready for Love Radio and the 24th installment of my special Sexy Music After Dark music shows. On holiday weeks I shake things up and feature an hour of music in my usual time slots here on New Visions Radio. This week I’m going to spotlight some very familiar End of Summer and Summer songs and I found song interesting and less familiar summer songs that I spotted on End of Summer playlists. There are also two from awesome indie artists that are friends that I wanted to share – and I think you will really enjoy both of these very talented guys. So, let’s kick off this season with a bang! PS - Remember I cannot archive the music - visit for the thread with all the music videos AND notes regarding the music from this show :)
Tune in for the premiere and if you miss that, the replay days and times are on the promo image. As always I’ll post the archive on the show page right after the premiere airs. Remember I cannot archive the music because of copyright issues – but I will post links for the videos and additional information on my Sexy Music Facebook page for the show like I always do. You can find all of that information here – I will be posting on the Facebook page during the premiere of the show if you would like to join me.

Premiere Thursday, September 1, 2022, at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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