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Light Your Sexual Fire with Courtney Long
September 11, 2020
Did you know your life force and your sexual energy are interconnected? Did you know your sexual energy is NOT all about sex and intimacy? On this show we’re going to talk about that and much more with my guest Courtney Long. She is the founder of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality. We will have a very interesting conversation about how your sexual energy is important in ALL parts of your life and even in your creativity.
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Some Questions We Discuss

  1. What is sacred sexuality?
  2. So your life force energy and your sexual energy are the same thing?
  3. What is Mariposa Sacred Sexuality?
  4. How do you know if your sexual fire is burning brightly?
  5. You say that embracing our sexual energy boosts our confidence. How?
  6. Do we need a partner to have great sex?
  7. Why is pleasure so important?
  8. Why do so many people resist pleasure?
  9. What are the 3 different kinds of pleasure?
  10. What is the 4-Step GLOW System?
  11. What is GLOW Step #1?
  12. What is GLOW Step #2?
  13. What is GLOW Step #3?
  14. What is GLOW Step #4?
  15. What is the free gift you’d like to share with our listeners?

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About Courtne Fae Long

Courtney Long, MSW, LC, CHt is the creator of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality.™ She is also an International Speaker, Author, and Masters Level Social Worker who has been inspiring clients for over 20 years.

Through her Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™ teachings, Courtney empowers women and men to get TURNED ON and create their most joyful, love-filled, abundant lives with the magic of their sexual energy.

Courtney is living proof that sexuality matters. After discovering Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™, she manifested the romantic relationship of her dreams, overcame serious health issues, transformed life-long body image issues into body confidence, and created a thriving business she loves.

Are you ready to create the love and connection you secretly crave? Are you ready to light your sexual fire and be TURNED ON for life? Connect with Courtney Long at