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Styling with the Wandering Parisian
November 5, 2021
Do Parisians know something we don’t about style? That’s a question I hadn’t really thought about. But, when I got a message from my guest. Maura Gaughan, I got curious about that. She has two companies, The Wandering Parisian and Dating with Style. A trip to Paris gave her some interesting insights on “easy style” and much more, that she shares with us on this show.
Premiere Thursday, November 4th, 2021 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Some Questions and Topics We DIscuss

Dating while being older– Dating While Gray

Styling for older men and women– the need and impact

“Go to” dating outfits for every kind of date

The importance of styling when dating

Making major career changes– Creating a small business after a career in public health behavior research. making a major life change– Single life after 18yr partnership

What have you found to be the biggest struggles that your clients deal with when dating?

Do most people have to completely start over with their wardrobe?

Do you feel like people just need a little help (they know their style), or they really struggle to know what works for them/their body type?

Do you teach them how to style themselves (body types) so they can dress on their own?

Are the struggles that men have the same as the struggles of the women that work with you? How do they differ?

What are people’s biggest style concerns?

How much of these style concerns are because of age?

How do you guide them; what’s your process for working with people that aren’t used to dating, or haven’t dated in years.

Do people ask you about your dating experiences? What do you tell them? Do you feel like a dating coach sometimes?

Maura’s Businesses

Wandering Parisian– I’m a wardrobe stylist that works with both men and women to create a style that fits their lifestyle.

Dating with Style-I help professional single men and women who are getting back into the dating scene to create updated, “go to” outfits that will get a first…and second date.

About Maura Gaughan

My name is Maura Gaughan and I am the founder and lead wardrobe stylist at Wandering Parisian and Dating with Style.  I have always had the ‘stylist gene,’ and love working with people. After several rewarding years as a public health professional, and a three month respite in France with my family, I made the career transition to become a personal wardrobe stylist. When I returned to the US, I trained as a personal wardrobe stylist and started my own business, Wandering Parisian.

During my time in France, I realized that the ease by which French women and men display their style, affords them a sense of confidence which is incredibly powerful!  As a personal wardrobe stylist, I bring that simplistic, yet elegant approach to styling, allowing my clients to feel unencumbered and confident. Soon after starting Wandering Parisian, I ended a long relationship and became single. I found myself back in the dating scene after almost 20 years!

A lot had changed since I last dated. An entirely new culture of how-to date had come into existence as the norm, and I had no understanding of how to navigate it. While I knew how to dress for dates, it was still scary, intimidating, and flat out overwhelming. If I was feeling this way, others were too. It was clear that I needed to start a service for single older adults needing help with creating “go to” dating outfits; I created Dating with Style. The service allows for men and women to have updated dating wardrobes that help them feel attractive and confident. I have a strong understanding and empathy with each of my clients who are excited about exploring dating and this new chapter of life.