Ready for Love with Nikki Leigh Love Coach
Pets and Unconditional Love
July 23, 2021
On the show I am going to share a very rough week with you, but also some of my best memories and I hope it will bring back some great memories for you. Every pet owner and animal lover knows that at some point, we will have to say good-bye to our pet. We never know when or how that will happen. Most listners of my show have heard my cat Muze in the background at some point – he often meows at some point. And from the beginning of the show, I’ve affectionately called him my furry co-host. Sunday, he started to get weak and dehydrated. By Monday morning, it was clear he was not doing well and I got an appointment to get him into the vet first thing Tuesday morning. We had a very rough night Monday night and early Tuesday morning after I got him to the vet, I got a call that they couldn’t help him. If was far worse than I knew and I had to make the decision to put him to sleep. On this show, I want to share some of my memories and how he supported me through my illnesses and how that made it clear I had to support him during his – I knew the decision was about what was in his best interest, not what would’ve been the least painful for me. I’ll also share some information about the health benefits of having pets and our pets and unconditional love <3
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