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Communication Guide for Men and Women
September 10, 2013
Tova Feder and I had a discussion about communication for men and women. Soon after that she released an e-book about communication. I want to share our show and share the link to the e-book. Communication is critical for a healthy relationship, so it's something that I talk about on the show a lot. It's so important, that we talked about this in show #2. Enjoy!
"What are you talking about?" A Communication Guide for Men and Women

by Tova Feder

The key to a good relationship is communication. We've heard and read this sage advice in numerous books and in talks by many experts. Marriage and relationship failure is often blamed on poor communication.

The truth is, many couples do communicate, but their communication is like two warring nations. They slam doors, scream insults, create walls of silence, and shoot damning glances at each other.

Have you ever had the experience where you and your partner are arguing about a situation and you both have radically different interpretations of what started the disagreement? You wonder if you were even in the same room with this person!

Good communication can significantly strengthen relationships. As partners learn more about how each other thinks and feels, they can deepen the love bond between them. Remember, the intention is to exchange ideas and foster understanding. When that is accomplished, communication becomes an invaluable relationship-building skill.

Tova Feder, a Clinical Sexologist, packed nearly two decades of successfully tried and true information into this effective yet simple to understand book about effective communication for couples.

Table of Contents
Why Communication Breaks Down
Section One: When Communication Goes Wrong
Section Two: Understanding Gender Differences
Section Three: Nonverbal Communication
Section Four: Speak Up
Section Five: Listen Up
Section Six: The Power of Silence
Section Seven: When and Where To Communicate
Section Eight: Sexual Communication
Section Nine: Communications and Technology
Section Ten: In Summary of Top Communication Tips
Section Eleven: Final Thoughts