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TV Theme Songs Sung by Show Stars (Sexy Music #21)
November 27, 2021
We all have our favorite TV show theme songs. These songs stick with us for years. Often they stir up interesting memories when we hear these jingles over the years. More often than not, they make us smile and we may smile or even start humming them. Sometimes those songs contains words and at times, someone in the cast may be chosen to find the show theme song. That’s what I will fearuee tonight. On this episode of Ready for Lover radio -we’ll listen to about two dozen show theme songs. Come along and let’s listen to a wide variety of songs that were suggested by listeners and Facebiij sifmers o ,u account.

(Note – Due to copyright laws, I cannot archive the show with the music, so I’m archiving videos of each theme song on my Sexy Music After Dark Facebook page. You can find it here –

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