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Female Empowerment Not Overcompensation
September 24, 2021
Female empowerment is a topic that I like to discuss on the show. But there are two caveats to the discussion that I also want to include. One is that I don’t feel that empowering women, means that we need to demean or belittle men. Second, it doesn’t mean that women need to be bitchy and cruel. True empowerment is not the overcompensating that we often see on display. On this show we’ll have an interesting discussion about these topics with my guest, Mariquita Solis, the Joyful Relationship Coach. We hope you will join us!
Premiere Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Some Questions We Discuss

  1. What is your story?
  2. What is the difference between the masculine way of creating relationships from the feminine?
  3. What are the 3 big blocks to self-love?
  4. What is the difference between traits and skills?
  5. What do you have to do to get ready for a relationship?
  6. What are some of the big problems we have in creating a relationship?
  7. Who did we learn our relationship skills from?
  8. What is a 3-dimensional way of looking at our belief system?
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About Mariquita Solis

Mariquita Solis is a Joyful Relationship Coach who specializes in Feminine Empowerment to transform the lives of her clients. Mariquita spent many years in self-sabotaging relationships that were detrimental to her health and self-esteem. Her mantra, “What is wrong with me?” has been replaced with “What is right with me?” She spent more than 40 years in battle with herself working to silence her inner voice and power.

Going from failed relationship to failed relationship, she wore her battle scars like badges of honor and let them inhibit love in the next relationship. She fell into patterns of living her life for others and putting her needs last. It was not until she acknowledged the cries of her inner child that her life changed.

Mariquita has always known that helping others is the gift the Universe bestowed on her. Her life is guided by her divine, power center as she lives in alignment with her calling. 

Today, she uses her deep wisdom combined with her training in Feminine Empowerment Transformational Coaching and Greaterness Coaching to transform the lives of her clients. 


From Mariquita – I work one on one with ladies in 3-month coaching programs to break thru the 3 Hidden Blocks to move them into a place of power. We partner together to create from their power center, healthy, respectful self-love and relationships.

I, also, offer 1-hour laser coaching sessions for a specific problem.