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Increase Low Self-Esteem
January 22, 2021
Low self-esteem is something many people deal with at times in their life. Many different things can cause it and there are things we can do to resolve this problem. On this show, I want to show two interesting memes. I’ll share them below. If you would like to share them, just place your computer mouse on the picture on top of the picture, right click the mouse button and click the “save as” button to save the file to your computer.
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Outro Song – “We All Stand Tall” by Ray Powers

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The individual Kindle books I mentioned are

Stop That Negative Voice in Your Mind – Lesson 03

Put Guilt and Shame Behind You And Forgive Yourself – Lesson 04

Can I Move Past a Troubled Childhood – Lesson 06

How to Love Your Body – Including The Flaws – Lesson 07

What to Do When You Stop Loving Yourself – Lesson 08

When Other People Stop You From Loving Yourself – Lesson 09