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Wake Up Your Life with Doris Roper
October 29, 2022
Tune in to hear my interview with author and consultant Doris Roper about her experiences that led her to write Wake Up Your Life! Her relationships were truly different. Would you believe the same woman “stole” 3 men that were in Doris’ life. In the book she calls them Tom, Dick and Harry – not their real names.
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About Wake Up Your Life

What would you do if you had three major relationships in your life and the same woman interfered in all three of them? How would you handle it?This is what happened to Sofia Roper. First, her husband of two years, *Tom, fell in love with this woman (*Candy) and in the midst of trying to decide what to do about it, Sofia became pregnant with her first child and the decision was made to continue with the marriage. More than 5 years later, the marriage ended in a very difficult divorce and Sofia entered her next major relationship with *Dick. Two years into this relationship, Sofia discovered that he was cheating on her with Candy. She was shocked and devastated, but this became the starting point of an inner journey that woke up her life. Some years later, Sofia entered her third major relationship with *Harry which lasted almost three years. Her personal growth brought her to the point where she realized that she did not “need” a man to be happy and she broke up with Harry. He was shocked and hurt and on the rebound – wait for it, you guessed it – he married Candy! The growth and insights gained as a result of her experiences gave Sofia a story that inspires and motivates other women to follow her example. WAKE UP your life! combines Sofia’s story with sage insights about how to turn on your life’s alarm clock and get going in the direction of aliveness and fulfillment. In these pages, Sofia tells her “one-of-a-kind” story about the day that her life came crashing down around her and what she did about it. Consider this book a ticket for your journey to an amazing life.

Along the way, you will have the opportunity to:

• Consider how you can wake up your own life.

• Change the way you perceive the pain you encounter in your life and relationships.

• Turn rejection into redirection.

• Experience the enormous power of forgiveness in making the life you want.

• Distinguish between your limiting beliefs and that positive inner voice that propels you forward.

*Names have been changed to protect the (not-so) innocent.