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Tips for Working From Home
March 20, 2020
For the last fifteen years, I’ve worked from home full-time. During that time, I’ve done a lot of freelance work, written a lot of books – 32 of my own and ghostwritten over two dozen, done a lot of promotional work and I’ve learned a lot of interesting new skills to add to the ones I already had. After years of working in offices, retail, healthcare. food service and construction management, it was definitely a change to work from home. With the current Coronavirus pandemic, many people are finding themselves suddenly working and doing their schoolwork from home. I thought it would be helpful to take the hour today and share some tips and suggestions from my experience working from home. Whether you’re temporarily working or doing school work from home or considering making a change to work from home, this show includes information that will be of benefit. After the show airs, the archive will be posted below, as always. And, below the replay, I also share links to some beneficial articles with tips and suggestions. Any questions, feel free to send them through the contact page here on the site or post a comment below.
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