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Patience, Perseverance and Purpose with Rabbi Dovid M Cohen
August 13, 2020
My guest this week is Rabbi David M. Cohen, he is a Rabbi, Therapist, Podcaster and the Author of We’re Almost There: Living with Patience, Perseverance and Purpose. This year is one where we can certainly use those traits in our relationships and all other aspects of our lives. We also discuss communication – something that I think is a great thing for us to always be working on.
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Questions and topics we discuss –

1) How did you become a therapist/interest in mental health

2) Discuss Judaism and being a Rabbi and perspectives on sexuality

3) What is your practice like?

4) What inspired you to write a book?

5) Challenges to marriage and relationships in covid and beyond.

6) What is your podcast about? 

JPP-Jewish Philanthropy Podcast

7) How do children impact relationships?

8) Lessons you have learned during covid-19?

9) Talk about being a rabbi and spiritual guide?

About Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen

Rabbi David M. Cohen is a Rabbi, Therapist, Podcaster and Author. He works with many couples helping them strengthen their communication skills.  He is the author of the book “We’re Almost There: Living with Patience, Perseverance and Purpose,” published by Mosaica Press in 2016, presenting a vision and pathway for confronting life’s challenges.  He is a graduate of the Columbia Law school and the University of North Texas program in counseling.

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