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Better Topics for Couples with Diana Indries
September 17, 2021
How do you and your partner discuss important topics? Or, do you discuss things? My guest this week, Diana Indries, has the questions and a suggestion to make it easier and more fun to tackle the important things you need to dicuss. Join us for the details.
Premiere Thursday, September 16th, 2021 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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Questions We Discuss –

  1. How did I come up with this idea
  2. Why create a game to improve communication in relationships
  3. How do you play the game?
  4. How can people develop more meaningful relationships by playing Better Topics?
  5. There are many questions in the game. Which questions help someone get to know someone they’re dating or their spouse better?
  6. How has this game helped you and your partner get closer?
  7. Holidays can be an anxious time for people because they’re meeting new people or dealing with family dynamics. How can people avoid drama in their conversations with others?
  8. What does the process look like for creating this game?
  9. Where do you get inspiration from?
  10. What are your favorite questions from the game?
  11. Why does Better Topics make a great gift?
  12. There are many questions game. How did you come up with the questions?
  13. Does the game ever get too personal?
  14. What was it like for the game to receive so many positive reviews?
  15. What is some of the feedback you’ve gotten from people who have played the games?

Learn More About Better Topics

Better Topics Card Game for Couples – a physical card game that has been created to help couples have deeper conversations and still have a lot of fun.

Because the questions have been specifically designed to be repeatable, couples can play the game over and over again.

The cards also have a lot of game-like elements that make it fun. We call them modifiers and these are cards like: Cancel the question, Reverse the Question, or ask for more information with cards like: Why? And With Who?

The base deck also has a rewards deck inside it that allows the winner of the game to choose their own rewards.

Because we know that each relationship is unique, the game can also be tailored to different relationships and couples are able to customize the game to their specific needs.

We also have the Better Topics App – available on Android and IOS – which is free and for those who want a little extra they can opt for any of our memberships – Silver, Gold and Platinum.

With the memberships they get added bonuses like the Weekly Challenge, More questions and also access to our Course library where people can learn more about relationships, how to communicate and negotiate with their partner better.