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Power of Ouch with Sondra Harmon
June 11, 2021
Do problems and difficulties help us? There is a saying, no pain, no gain. Is that true? What about – what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger? There are many sayings like that, is there any truth to them? On this episode, I’ll talk to author and relationship expert Sondra Harmon. Her book, is The Power of Ouch. Our conversation will give you a peak into the answer to whether we can use the difficulties in our lives and our pasts, to make us stronger and to improve our relationships and our future.
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About Sondra Harmon

Sondra Harmon is an author and coach, who is passionate about helping people to live a life filled with connection and joy, by dissolving the hurt and disappointment that we hold on to.

Her career varied from executive and entrepreneur to co-founder of a non-profit organization in Vietnam called Streets, giving disadvantaged youth, street kids, and orphans an opportunity to work in the hospitality industry.

Sondra is a qualified meditation teacher, having studied in India directly with the founders of EKAM. She eventually headed back to the States, where she ran the New York marathon, performed weddings as a licensed minister and studied with Alison Armstrong for two years.

Now as a certified partner of Alison’s program, Sondra works closely with clients to achieve their ultimate relationship goals. Sondra currently lives in Puerto Rico with her husband Richard, where she spends her days writing, coaching and running a women’s online network and empowerment group called the Cool Chick Cafe.

Her new book, The Power of OUCH! - An Illustrated Guide to Healing From Hurt, is now available for pre-release