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What is Neuroloveology with Dr Ava Cadell
January 14, 2022
Dr Ava Cadell, the founder of Loveology University, is my guest on this Ready for Love radio podcast. Meeting Dr Ava over 14 years ago was the beginning of my journey that created some incredibly positive changes in my attitude and my life – and my coaching training has helped me to create some great changes throughout the last 12 years. So, I’m very pleased to introduce you all to Dr Ava and to share information about this interesting book. I’ve enjoyed my copy and found such interesting information 😉 We will talk about Loveology University and we will delve into details about Dr Ava’s book Neuroloveolgy: The Power to Mindful Power to Love and Sex.
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These are some of the things we’ll talk about –

1. What is NeuroLoveology?
2. Why did you write this book?
3. What do you mean by Mindful love & sex?
4. What are some common internal and external distractions that stop people from having sex?
5. What are Passion Assassins and how can you defeat them?
6. What’s the biggest difference between the male and female brain?
7. How can we be more compatible with our partner?
8. What is the strongest sense when it comes to desire?
9. How can you use the senses to enhance passion?
10. What is a BrainGasm?
Dr Ava Cadell
About Dr Ava Cadell
Dr. Ava Cadell has earned a Doctorate in Human Behavior and one in Human Sexuality. Through her private practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Ava counsels some of Hollywood’s elite on issues that range from lack of communication, low libido to power struggles and infidelity. When TV shows want ratings, they call Dr. Ava Cadell!

Dr. Ava is the president of the American College of Sexologists and also the founder of Loveology University where she provides a variety of certified programs from The Love Coach, Master Sexpert to Certified Romantic. Individual courses are also available in audio, video, eBook & slide show formats. All of Loveology University’s courses offer credits for therapists, counselors and nurses who require annual CEU’s in California.

Dr. Ava is also an accomplished author of seven books is for couples that want to make their sex lives more playful, passionate and unpredictable. She has lectured to pharmaceutical companies, entrepreneurial organizations, religious groups, medical institutes, women’s conferences and universities all over the world.

About NeuroLoveology

NeuroLoveology: The Power to Mindful Love & Sex explores how the brain processes attraction, relationships, conflict and sex. Each chapter will introduce the science and psychology behind the various elements of an adult romantic relationship while also including the tools to enhance that relationship, emotionally and sexually. There have been huge advances in the studies of neuroscience, which have given us an even greater understanding of the complicated ways in which the brain receives, accepts and transmits the millions of stimuli it encounters on a daily basis. One of the most fascinating aspects of these studies is the careful unraveling of the exact magic behind love and attraction.

Readers will discover new ways to make their environment more love-friendly so that the mind and body is ready, willing and able to give and receive love. This experiential, playful, hands-on book will offer the tools to create a love-changing experience that will last a lifetime.  A myriad of romantic, sensual and erotic TO DO’s are included throughout the book, marked with a special icon. Additionally throughout the book, there will be words of wisdom by experts in the field of neuroscience and the science of love and sex in a sidebar entitled, Genius Corner.