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Surrogate Partner Therapy Training
November 12, 2021
On this episode of Ready for Love Radio, we have two familiar guests, Dr Susan Kaye and Paul Bagge. Recently Paul attended and participated in the Surrogate Partner Training with Dr Susan Kaye, at Integrative Mind Body Therapies. And, I invited them both on the show to tell us about the experience and the training. Whether you’d like to know more about the training or understand the need for the work or how it actually works, this is an interesting show and will answer questions and dispel many misconceptions about surrogate partner therapy.
Premiere Thursday, November11th, 2021 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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The Surgeon General’s Call to ActionTo Promote Sexual Health and responsible Sexual Behavios 2001 

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About Dr Susan Kay –

Dr. Susan Kaye, Sexologist, Founder of Integrative Mind-Body Therapies, LLC is a sexual wellbeing specialist with a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, and 30 years of experience as a somatic practitioner. She has expertise as a tantra teacher, bodywork practitioner, Esalen massage therapist, and yoga instructor. She also has decades of working in the sexual health field as a Sexologist, Sex Coach and Sex Educator. 

Why work with Susan? Longevity. She began her career working with cutting-edge Sexological Researchers Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson. She has been speaking about and teaching their Body Mind Healing Process for the past 30 years. Their research on arousal and pleasure, and the activities they developed to increase those feelings, is to this day what sex therapists around the world use to inform client care.

These combined years of bringing body and sex-positive teachings to communities around the country, has required multiple leaps of faith, explanations at family dinners and hopping on many lily pads to become both a trained bodywork therapist as well as a clinical counselor and coach. She believes in offering clients total mind-body wellness by connecting them with talk therapists as well as somatic experts to help them embody the healing they are seeking.

About Paul Bagge –

Paul “Tantraviking Bagge, is a Sex and Intimacy Coach, Sexual Healer and a Nationally Recognized Expert on the Code of Ethics of Sexual Energy work. Paul sees clients in person at his home office and throughout southern New England and teaches workshops on Intimate Touch Skills online and by phone coaching/counseling sessions available as well. (508) 646-8221.