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Transform Pain to Power with Doris Helge
January 28, 2022
How many times have you or someone you know allowed pain to take over the positive parts of your lives? Pain can certainly be overwhelming…. But have you considered transforming that pain into power in your life? I like to focus on ways for people to take more control of their life and to live a happier life. That’s why I wanted to interview Doris Helge on Ready for Love radio. Her book Transform Pain to Power deals with that topic and offers interesting ideas for you to empower yourself and overcome the pain.
Airing on Thursdays, January 27th, 2022, 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific

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Some Things We Discuss –

How did you get into Coaching?

Is it true that you started out as a therapist? Which do you prefer?

How did you leave victimhood behind?

How do you talk with client about “control”?

How do you describe the inner critic?

And much more…

We will also have a Love Work Assignment on the show!

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A Message from Doris Helge

Take your first step right now to become The Powerful, Authentic YOU that you’ve always been destined to become! The freedom and joy you’ll gain from this book is almost indescribable. All of your relationships will magically transform. Once you discover Your Authentic Self, you’ll radiate joy and confidence that will attract whatever you desire . . . effortlessly.

About Doris Helge

Doris has a unique intuitive ability to perceive the hidden core of what is blocking your happiness and success. She helps you discover inner strengths you’re unaware of and align all parts of yourself to achieve your goals. She uses IFS, a proven system that has helped hundreds of Doris’ clients achieve the lasting change you want.

With Doris’ help and respect for perfect timing, she will help you release your inner roadblocks with gentleness and love . . . plus working with Doris is fun!

Doris’ credentials include her PhD, MSW, MCC and many years of IFS Parts Work training. She is author of three books and has been in private practice for over 20 years. Doris provides a wide range of coaching for adults who long for inner peace, loving relationships and professional success. She also provides leadership coaching.

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“My coaching with Doris was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, right up there with being on top of Machu Picchu…I GOT PROFOUND POSITIVE RESULTS!”

—  Jacqueline Rubasky, San Jose, California