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Three Commas Club Sex Trafficking, Pedophilia & Murder with Jack Watts
October 22, 2021
We often hear the truth is stranger than fiction. But there are times when we hear a strange story and it’s so unbelievable… that many people find it hard, or impossible to believe, so… they don’t believe it or they just dismiss it as fiction. Or, maybe people just figure that “it couldn’t happen here”. “That couldn’t happen in the US, that happens in other countries.” My guest, Jack Watts and I, will share one of those stories tonight. The story is about sex trafficking, pedophilia, and murder and IT IS TRUE. The details are hard to hear, but people NEED to know what is happening, they need to be AWARE these things can and DO happen all around the world, including the United States. Please join us for this important show.
Premiere Thursday, October 21st, 2021 at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT

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About the Three Commas Club – Sex Trafficking, Pedophilia and Murder

What you are about to read is true—not just parts of it but all of it. No aspect of The Three Commas Club has been fabricated or embellished. People often say truth is stranger than fiction. In the case of The Three Commas Club, this is absolutely accurate. By writing this story about sex trafficking, pedophilia and murder, I have knowingly and willingly put myself in harm’s way—in the crosshairs of powerful, evil men. I have done this to expose decades of criminal behavior and hopefully to spare future victims from the fate of being sexually exploited. This book has been written in real time. When I began, I had no idea how it would end or even if it would. What the future will hold by stepping out boldly as I have is anybody’s guess—que sera, sera. If you think my previous books have been page turners, which all of them are, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Three Commas Club is about to knock your socks off. I assure you it will.

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About Jack Watts –

During the past fifteen years, I have focused on writing books more than anything else. So far, I have written over twenty-five books in multiple genres, including my memoir and four others, nine novels, six political books, and numerous self-help and recovery books.

Nearly all of my work for the past thirty-five years has been for Christian ministries and publishers. At one time or another, I have been involved with nearly every major ministry and faith-based publisher in America. In this capacity, I have written direct mail, catalog copy, and numerous books. I have also written the social media for In God We Trust website, MAGA Institute, Survive the News and We Connect magazine. I have also done the marketing for B&H Academic Publishing. In my business life, I have been in charge of scores of large projects, including creating fifty different catalogs. I have created and mailed more than 100 million direct mail pieces. I have done turnkey projects for numerous ministries.