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Vietnam Air Rescues Part 1
May 1, 2020
I have something very unusual for you on this show. This is a show that I originally aired on my Book Promo 101 radio show, with Dave Richardson, author of Vietnam Air Rescues. This riveting book begins with the authors’ ‘Unauthorized History of the Vietnam War’; then continues to describe his life as a “Jolly Green” rescue pilot, picking up aircrew shot down in North Vietnam and Laos. Details of his 7 rescues of 9 men are included, as well as over 30 anecdotes relating to his experiences. You don’t want to miss this show or next week which is part two. The book is illustrated with more than 100 photos, maps and drawings to further explain the rescues and the stories he shares. Next week, I’ll share the interview I did with Dave Richardson and Kenny Fields, the last man he rescued. At the time, that was the largest rescue of the war. That interview will give you the perspective from the air and from the ground. They are both very interesting shows and I’m very glad I found the recordings and can share them again. This is airing for the first time since August of 2008. This show is family-friendly in case you have children who are interested in helicopters and pilots
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The second part of the interview is located here –

Would you like to see a sample of the book and the pictures contained in it? Click here to download a “sampler” I put together –

Click to read the first rescue from the book – just a sample to whet your appetite 

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For more information on Dave Richardson, visit his website