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Authentic Peaceful Juicy and Balanced Life
October 9, 2020
Would you like to have an authentic, peaceful, juicy and balanced life? That’s a lot to wrapour mind around. Especially this year after all the strange things that have happened in 2020. My guest Ullis Karlsson and I will have an interesting and unusual conversation to give you some things to think about – to make you aware of some of the first steps to being able to have an authentic… peaceful… juicy… and balanced life. Neither of our lives started out that way and Ullis is going to let you know just how polar opposite her life was just about 12 years ago. And, how far she’s come, through hard work, study and research. She wrote a very transparent and vulnerable book about that titled 2:47 The Journey Home to My Heart. We’ll talk about that and also about her newest book. This content is adult in nature and not for audiences under 18 or people offended by certain language.
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About 2:47 Journey Home to My Heart –

2:47 AM … the red digital numbers light up my eyes.Where am I? I breathe in total panic. I am gulping for air. I can’t seem to get any air at all. It feels like I’m going to die…2:47 AM – The Journey Home to My Heart is an autobiography describing a deep inner transformational journey from pain and utter despair, to enlightenment. A new Life guided by the Heart.From a very vulnerable space Ullis Karlsson invites the reader to share her remarkable journey. An 11-year long transformation, from being suicidal to becoming a spiritual teacher and sharing her message on a global arena.“This sexual and spiritual awakening of mine has been a deeply profound piece, on my healing Journey, towards the full retrieval of myself. A new imprint was created, on every facet of my Human and Spiritual Being – and a whole new Existence emerged. It enabled my soul to realign with my Life Purpose. It completed The Journey Home to My Heart.” Ullis is a well-known Swedish Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Author, Soul Coach and Educator, working with the world as a her platform. She is the founder and owner of the companies Plain Yoga and Ullis Karlsson, focused on holistic personal and spiritual development. Ullis has been studying Yoga, and other alternative disciplines, for over 25 years. She is working with clients coming from all fields of life; people longing for more inner peace, or a juicier, richer and more fulfilling and happy life. She supports her clients by giving them tools to reduce accumulated stress and strengthen the connection with their true essence. Ullis method is a unique combination of proven modern and ancient systems and techniques. Her vision is to make this world a softer, happier and more loving place to live in.

About Holy F#ck and Sacred Water –

Holy F*ck and Sacred Water: The Secret Connections to Everything is bold, cocky, and politically and socially incorrect. It is divinely channeled and imprinted with sacred codes. This book will either have you say “F*ck YES! Or it will piss you off. Or maybe even both. This book is not for the common man or woman. It is for a new generation of brave, passionate, and curious beings who know they came to Earth to make a difference and are ready to take action. Now.
A new era has arrived and with that more confusion and fear than ever before. This book reactivates a path of releasing the old so we can co-create a new thriving future together. It contains very raw, vulnerable personal stories, scientific information, ancient wisdom, taboo topics and ‘conspiracy’ theories. This book can help you to understand the importance of purifying your own water and using your passionate fire to live your true potential.
Holy F*ck and Sacred Water could be considered a theory of Everything. Life is a multidimensional journey to master empowerment, freedom, and flow in our everyday lives. We can master these by unifying our inner spark with sacred water. This then creates the magical life force within us or what we call ‘The Holy F*ck.’ 

About Ulrick Ullis Karlsson –

For many decades I was deeply depressed and burnt out, this eventually also led to me becoming suicidal. Ny whole life was a big inner struggle with low self-esteem, low confident and a lot of self-hate and disdain. It manifested as various symptoms of stress, severe sleep disorders and a deep depression. This inner struggle affected and interfered with all aspects of my life; my relationships, family life, health, work, money and career. I suppressed all kinds of feelings and emotions, and they were buried deep in my subconscious. 2008 I finally cracked and hit rock bottom. It was horrible, yet necessary and the way back has been long and challenging.

In the fall of 2019, my first book was released; “2:47 The journey home to my heart” out. The book is an autobiography where I write naked, authentic and with a lot of vulnerability about this inner journey of mine  – to free myself from my inner prison and to come home to my heart again. 2:47 book is now sold in 8 countries and gives inspiration and hope to others who suffer from mental illness! You can find it on Amazon, among other places.

From this long and life-changing experience, I share my embodied wisdom, my knowledge, my passion, my lessons and even my vision around the world.

Today I work as a feminine leadership coach, international spiritual teacher and author, yoga teacher & yoga therapist, lecturer and educator with the whole world as a field of work. With more than 28 years of personal and professional experience in various holistic disciplines, I primarily help and guide women in leading and leading positions who long for a more authentic, peaceful, juicy and balanced life.

1/7 2020 the inspirational and controversial book Holy F*ck and Sacred Water-The Secret Connections to Everything was launched. It is written by Tora Zophia Silverhoj and myself. Holy has been divinely channeled. The vision and intention with Holy are many; to awaken, challenge, inspire and reactivate the inherent but dormant DNA codes.

My vision is to contribute to a freer, more beautiful, a more conscious and loving world for all of us to live together in. The method I use is a unique combination of well-proven modern Western techniques and ancient Eastern wisdom and knowledge.