Fifty Hitting 50
Fifty Hitting 50
Join Deirdre Morrison and Co-Host Martin McGilchrist, as they speak to people from all walks of life who have one thing in common: They're hitting 50. This milestone birthday is a cause for celebration for some, and trepidation for others. But one thing is sure, it provokes discussion and reflection. Join us as we collect lessons learned from Fifty Hitting 50. This is a pop-up series from the Ambition Incubator.
Stand Out as a Speaker with Beth Schofield, head of speaker selection for WBECS and
June 29, 2023 • 29 MIN
Speaking with Beth Schofield about the dos and don'ts of making yourself visible to event professionals when you want to share your ideas with the world.
Ep #92 - The Future of Work, with guest, Jan Cavelle
June 12, 2023 • 30 MIN
After a much needed sabbatical, we're back with a bang, and here for this episode is the incredible Jan Cavelle. We talk about the changes in the workplace and their impact on businesses, with a focus on startups. We also discuss the importance of company culture, employee retention, and the rise of self-employment. Jan provides actionable tips for entrepreneurs and emphasizes the need for a growth mindset and resilience. Tune in to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses today.
Ep #91: How Personal Development Reflects Self Worth
January 16, 2023 • 12 MIN
What does self-worth have to do with self-development? I explore some personal insights into how our decisions regarding our continuous learning might yield clues to how we value ourselves.
Ep#90 More Than Money: Private Equity Funding, with Esmond Greene
January 9, 2023 • 29 MIN
Esmond Greene, from Melior Equity Partners, one of Ireland’s leading private equity funds, shares some insights on what investors bring to the table, and what they're looking for in a business.
Ep# 89 2022 - Some of the Best Bits.
December 19, 2022 • 16 MIN
Playing catch up? In this episode, I've compiled some of the most interesting episodes from 2022, with change makers, creators, and really good humans. If you want to get hold of the full conversation with any of these amazing guests, you can find them on your favourite platform, or use this handy set of links to each episode & any related resources: Ralph Watson: Dom Teich: Brenda Hershey: Kirstie Macleod: Darren Fisher: Ginger Campbell: Merit Kahn: Kevin Palmeiri: Alisa Cohn: Don't forget to subscribe for more great interviews, insights and ideas in 2023, and pop over to to see what I'm working on over there!
Ep# 88 Living the Dream: A Foodie in France
December 12, 2022 • 24 MIN
Judith Keys had enjoyed her corporate career. So why did she chuck it all in to run cookery courses in France? And how's that transition going? All aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs should listen in to find out!
Ep#87 Marginal Losses and Psychological Negative Equity
December 5, 2022 • 35 MIN
What are Marginal Losses? Why are they so insidious? How can we avoid them?
Ep# 86: Discipline, Disruption and Daily Routines, with Rebecca Hartnell
November 28, 2022 • 24 MIN
Why is it so difficult to take the steps we need to protect our own care? Rebecca Hartnell opens up about why it can be so tempting to ignore the signs and experience, and walk ourselves into burnout.
Ep# 85 The Word that Defines Entrepreneurs, with Jason Skeesick
November 21, 2022 • 25 MIN
Speaking with entrepreneur Jason Skeesick about risk, control, balance, and what separates entrepreneurs from the self-employed.
Ep# 84: Business Bad Assery: With Ross Arntson and Garry Johnson
November 14, 2022 • 32 MIN
Talking about global shifts and business badassery with Ross Arntson and Garry Johnson of The Infinity Matrix channel.
Ep #83 - Creative PRO: Good Vs Great Agencies with Rob King
November 7, 2022 • 24 MIN
Talking to Rob King about his work with creative agencies, and the things that distinguish between the good and the great.
Ep#82 - A Chronic Illness in the Workplace
October 31, 2022 • 25 MIN
Patty Smit, master coach and advocate for those living with fibromyalgia, tells us some of the things employers and those with the condition can do to improve life.
Ep #81 : Creative PRO: Podcasting as IP Your Business with Vinnie Potestivo
October 24, 2022 • 27 MIN
Talking to multi-award winning podcast host, and MTV veteran, Vinnie Potestivo about some of the lesser known benefits of podcasting for business.
Ep #80 Fighter Pilot Wisdom for Entrepreneurs
October 17, 2022 • 22 MIN
Fighter Jet Pilot, Dom Teich shares some of the wisdom he leaned from his flight career, and shows us how it applies to building a business.
Ep #79 Holding A Heart in Your Hands - with Ralph Watson
October 10, 2022 • 23 MIN
Discussing why choosing the right coach is important, why you should check qualifications, and whether anyone can be a coach, with Master Coach and founder of the Association of Professional Coaching, Ralph Watson.
Ep #78 - Neuroscience for 21st Century Citizens, with Dr Ginger Campbell MD
October 3, 2022 • 26 MIN
Talking to Dr Ginger Campbell about the importance of neuroscience for our everyday lives and the changes that she has seen during her 15 years of creating the Brain Science Podcast,
Ep #77 - Creative PRO: When You Have Too Many Ideas, with Jeff Ostroff
September 26, 2022 • 26 MIN
Allegedly, Jeff Ostroff is retired. But he has a lot of ideas - maybe too many, and we talk about how that plays out later in life.
Ep #76: Legal Stuff: Communication is Key, with Jeremy Streten
September 19, 2022 • 22 MIN
Speaking with legal expert, Jeremy Streten about what's really important for new businesses to consider as they start out.
Ep #75 - Memory, Attention and Traumatic Brain Injuries with Dr Jen Blanchette
September 12, 2022 • 29 MIN
Discussing how to improve memory and attention in a healthy brain, and also, the impact of concussion and other traumatic brain injuries, with licensed psychologist and clinical practitioner, Dr Jen Blanchette.
#74 - Success Means Showing Up with Next Level University's Kevin Palmeiri
September 5, 2022 • 25 MIN
Talking about podcasting, life, consistency and the importance of role models with Next Level University's Kevin Palmeiri.
Ep #73 Never Mind the Niches with Mary Henderson
August 29, 2022 • 29 MIN
Your ideas about personal branding might get a shakedown during this episode with personal branding expert, Mary Henderson.
Ep #72 Feed Your Tigers with Steven Rudolph
August 22, 2022 • 29 MIN
Today, Steven Rudolph explains Multiple Natures to us, and how our strengths - or Tigers, as he calls them - can be tapped into.
Ep #71 - When Personal Growth is Literal and Figurative, with Ann Hince
August 15, 2022 • 29 MIN
Author, Ann Hince talks to us about her incredible healing journey, in which she used the non-invasive, non-medical technique known as EFT or tapping to integrate her trauma - and grow half an inch!
Ep#70 Are You Open to Something Better, with Merit Kahn
August 8, 2022 • 26 MIN
Merit Kahn tells us why one question opens possibilities, and helps you get selected.
Ep #69: When Success Doesn't Feel Like Success, with Dr Vic Manzo
August 1, 2022 • 28 MIN
Dr Vic Manzo is a business coach who taps into his experience as a chiropractor to take a very holistic view of business, health and success.
Ep #68 Change: The Bad News IS the Good News, with Jason Butler
July 22, 2022 • 24 MIN
Talking to Village Mindset Model creator, Jason Butler about leadership, feeling safe, and why your company is not a family.
Ep#67: Meeting Trauma Survivors Where They're At, with Brenda Hershey
July 18, 2022 • 23 MIN
Brenda Hershey, founder of TRY Global, joins me from Kurdistan, to discuss her work using Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) to help survivors of trauma and conflict.
Ep#66 - Enjoy the Little Things with Andrea Lukac
July 11, 2022 • 21 MIN
Andrea Lukac is particularly interested in the situations that leave people feeling as though they don’t have power over their lives, and we talk about simple, but effective ways of changing these feelings.
Ep#65 MasterTalk's Brenden Kumarasamy on Communication Skills
July 4, 2022 • 24 MIN
We talk about what makes a good communicator, and why you entrepreneurs sometimes need to rethink their starting point.
Ep#64 Creative PRO: Kirstie Macleod and The Red Dress
June 27, 2022 • 24 MIN
Speaking to textile artist, Kirstie Macleod about a 17 year creative journey, that has evolved to become a platform giving voice to marginalised women.
Ep#63 - You Work with WORMS??? Feat Cathy Nesbitt, of Cathy's Crawly Composters
June 20, 2022 • 34 MIN
Once upon a time, Cathy's friend asked her to do something she didn't want to do.... Look after her composting worms while she went on holiday. Cathy couldn't wriggle out of this request (sorry) and this year, she celebrates 20 years of the worm business that came about because of this request. But the question is, who'll have the last laugh....
Ep#62: Cracking the Vault - crafting the perfect affirmation
June 13, 2022 • 20 MIN
In this episode, I look at why affirmations are often rubbish, 3 rules to make them great, and what goes on when they're firing on all cylinders.
Ep #61: Squirrel! Does distraction serve a purpose?
June 6, 2022 • 17 MIN
Looking at that phenomenon of sudden distraction. Why does it happen? Can we eradicate it? Should we even try?
Ep#60 Creative PRO Claire Gallagher: The Perfect Swear Word
May 30, 2022 • 24 MIN
In this episode, I chat with designer and digital strategy coach, Claire Gallagher about the visibility paradox for early stage businesses, a brand new swear word, and the importance of deadlines.
Ep #59: Nurturing Creativity
May 23, 2022 • 17 MIN
In this episode, I make a start on the topic of nurturing creativity, which is vitally important for anyone planning to have a creative career.
Ep# 58 Being Brain Aware has Changed Everything - With Margaret Hayes & Gabriella Benkő
May 16, 2022 • 19 MIN
In this episode, I speak with two of my colleagues at the NeuroDevelopment Institute. I discuss with Margaret Hayes and Gabriella Benkő how understanding more about how our brains work has impacted our experiences both personally and professionally.
Ep#57 Micro Business & Non-Profits with Steve Fredlund
May 9, 2022 • 26 MIN
A conversation with Steve Fredlund, founder of Small Small Business, on the importance of leadership and access to proper business advice for micro-businesses and non-profits.
Episode #56: Creative PRO Claire Tchaikowski
May 2, 2022 • 32 MIN
Claire Tchaikowski is a great big passionate melting pot. In this episode, we cover a lot of ground, as you'd expect from a creative who has not only written and recorded a solo album, and contributed to many of TV and cinema's most popular scores, but also founded the Human Milk movement, that snowballed into an international, independent collective. Claire shares her thinking on collaboration and co-creation, and how Human Milk is changing our perception of women's bodies and the value of breastfeeding and motherhood, rethinking business and upscaling our global societal structures to support parents and planet.
Ep#55: From Start-Up to Grown-Up with Alisa Cohn
April 25, 2022 • 24 MIN
An incredible opportunity to hear from Alisa Cohn, the world's leading start-up coach about what it takes to be a succesful leader, and how to grow into that role.
Ep#54: The Importance of Self-Leadership, feat Prof Mihaela Plugarasu
April 18, 2022 • 26 MIN
This week, I'm speaking with Professor Mihaela Plugarasu about the concept of self-leadership, and how it impacts not just our current professional abilities, but also how it can potentially change the trajectory of future generations.
Ep #53 - Talent Strategy, with Jen Thornton, CEO of 304 Coaching
April 11, 2022 • 25 MIN
When you start your business, developing a talent strategy may not be at the top of the list of priorities. In this episode, Jen Thornton, CEO of 304 Coaching, shares her experience of helping clients build talent strategies that complement their business strategies to ensure exponential growth, to show us why the talent strategy is, in fact, mission critical.
Ep #52 Tell Stories Intead of Speaking, featuring Britta Wenske
April 4, 2022 • 30 MIN
A fun look at the ins and outs, ups and downs of public speaking with international and TEDx speaking coach, Britta Wenske.
Ep#50: What If You're Already Dead? On The Creative Journey, Ambition and his Pulitzer Nominated book, with Clint Arthur
March 21, 2022 • 30 MIN
In this episode, Clint Arthur talks about his Pulitzer nominated work, The Wisdom of the Men, why he abandoned writing for 9 years, and how the words of a shaman finally got him writing again.
Ep#51: From A Suitcase Filled with Ham and Cheese to Multi-Million Property Biz, with Raquel Queral,
March 15, 2022 • 28 MIN
From an inauspicious start in a strange country, to a very successful business model, Raquel Queral is a woman on a mission to change the way we think about housing.
Ep#49: Umm, Ahh, and other linguistic habits, With Prof. Valerie Fridland.
March 14, 2022 • 31 MIN
Fascinating episode, in which professor of sociolinguistics, Dr Valerie Fridland, joins Deirdre to discuss umming, ah-ing, and other speech patterns that affect our communication - but not always in the way that we think!
Ep#48: Creative PRO: Author Jill R Stevens on Purple Pens, Golden Threads and Goats
March 7, 2022 • 29 MIN
In this episode we're talking to Creative PRO, Jill R Stevens, author of 44 books, some of which you've probably read, even if you don't know her name. That's because for more than 2 decades, Jill's worked as a 'ghost writer' - an author called in to collaborate with someone who's got a story to tell, but wants to get help to tell it. In this fascinating episode, we're going to find what it's like to be creative for other people, why goats are so inspiring, and why Jill has finally chosen to come out of the creative closet and write a book in her own name.
Ep#47: Your Career Transition Finance Runway, With Patrick Venn
February 28, 2022 • 24 MIN
Starting a new business or taking the step to change your career path can be daunting enough, but doing it on a financial wing and a prayer won't help. In this episode, I'm talking to Patrick Venn, founder of TOMII Tribe, about how a little financial realism can make a big difference in supporting your ambitions.
Ep#46: Getting Serious about Play with Sinan Rabee
February 21, 2022 • 24 MIN
Looking at why and how play can benefit strategic thought in the workplace, with Lego Serious Play facilitator, Sinan Rabee.
Ep# 45: Creative PRO with Darren C. Fisher - Why 'I Can't Draw' is a Myth.
February 14, 2022 • 25 MIN
In the first of an occasional series, I'm talking to animation lecturer and graphic communicator, Darren C Fisher about why he doesn't believe people who say they can't draw.
Ep #44: From Surviving to Scaling with Special Guest, Jan Cavelle.
February 7, 2022 • 23 MIN
A fascinating look at Jan Cavelle's journey, from starting a business as a means of surviving, to 7-figure scaling, and doing it old-school, with a phone book and a fax machine! Jan defeated the odds and went from her kitchen table start-up to being a highly successful entrepreneur. So what kept her going when she had no orders coming in? And what inspires her to write entrepreneur-focused books now? Check out this episode to find out!
Ep#43 The Great Resignation: To Stay or Go? With Special Guest Mark A. Herschberg
January 30, 2022 • 25 MIN
This phenomenon is so widespread, it's even got a name: The Great Resignation. But in this episode, career planning expert, Mark Herschberg helps tease out why that urge to leave might not be the most effective plan, even if it feels like the best option.
Ep#42 Shinrin Yoku: An Interview with A Forest.
January 24, 2022 • 15 MIN
In this episode, I invite you to beat the January Blues by sharing my shinrin yoku experience in the pristine forests of North Eastern Slovenia. Shut off the notifications, and just give your attention to the sounds of the forest. Notice how this slowing down makes you feel. Ask yourself how comfortable you are with that. And don't forget, you can come back anytime!
Ep#41 The Ghost of Business Future, with Special Guest, Gordon Van Wechel
January 17, 2022 • 31 MIN
In this episode, Gordon Van Wechel shares his 'Letter to My Younger Business Self', and it is a masterclass for developing a successful and fulfilled approach to building a business and understanding the nature of success.
Ep#40 - The Recovering Capitalist, with Special Guest, Justin Caffrey
January 10, 2022 • 26 MIN
Meet Justin. A recovering capitalist, he knows that he's got to keep his workaholism under check, and that investing in bitcoin would be like 'shooting heroin'. So, how did he get from high finance and hedge funds to a Masters in Mindfulness-Based Intervention Techniques? Listen to the episode to find out!
Ep #39 - On Entrepreneurship, Martial Arts and Continuous Improvement, with Special Guest Bruno Pešec
January 3, 2022 • 23 MIN
If, like many, you've over-indulged over the holidays, and are wondering how to get lean for the new year, never fear. In this episode I'm talking to Bruno Pešec, a specialist in lean start up strategies. Bruno shares with us some amazingly simple tactics that will help you make the most of every step along the way to success, so start your year right, and treat yourself to 20 minutes of top notch advice from this renowned consultant.
Ep# 38 : Inclusivity Made Easy, with Special Guest, Abbiola Ballah
December 27, 2021 • 22 MIN
IN this episode, inclusion specialist, Abbiola Ballah of Phern Education Studios talks to me about why making inlusive policies part of your business strategy is important, and why people can be intimidated by it. Inclusivity is not just a buzz word, or some kind of 'right on' accessory. It's a way to tap into potential that might otherwise remain hidden.
Ep #37 Our Outstanding Guest for 2021!
December 20, 2021 • 31 MIN
In this episode, we celebrate the outstanding guests who resonated most with listeners - including the woman voted most outstanding guest, Bec Mitchell. Bec's seemingly superhuman personal challenge of living on a water-only diet for 40 days challenged our thinking in a way that struck a chord with many people.
Ep#36 : Making Choices about Our Business.
December 13, 2021 • 23 MIN
When I bought my new espresso machine, I nearly got sucked into making totally the wrong choice. And for many of us, more is not always more when it comes to decisions regarding our business - check out Episode 36 to find out why.
Ep #35 - Mindset, Mistakes and Manifestation with special guest Louisa Havers
December 6, 2021 • 24 MIN
So here's an interesting thing. Whether you think it's 100% the real deal, or you think it's a load of old cobblers, the fact is that more and more people are talking about manifestation these days. And as I see it, while the words and the general vibe are not the same, some of the basic principles in manifestation are not all that different to what's being taught in neuroscience informed coaching techniques. But how do you avoid the pitfalls of something as ethereal as this? Or should you just give it wide berth? I spoke to intuitive business success coach, Louisa Havers to find out more.
Ep#34 The Episode to Catch if You Want All the Best Bits
November 29, 2021 • 26 MIN
This is a collection of edited highlights from my guest episodes this year. Covering everything from leadership, to visibility, to scaling, legacy, and visibility and so much more. It's absolutely clear that I couldn't choose a favourite from this amazing lineup. That's why I need your help! So, treat yourself to 25 minutes of awesome, and don't forget to let us know who you think is the outstanding guest of 2021, by heading to to let me know who stod out for you! Share with anyone who's starting a biz, changing careers, or generally enjoys a good selection of thought provokind conversations!
Ep#33 Letter to my Younger Business Self, with Rob Fitzpatrick
November 22, 2021 • 24 MIN
The Letter to my Younger Business Self format is fast becoming my favourite way to create episodes. In this episode, Rob Fitzpatrick distills the wisdom of 15 years entrepreneurship and multiple best-selling books into a value-packed episode. Strongly recommended for anyone on the path of entrepreneurship.
Ep #32: Creativity - What if you don't have it?
November 15, 2021 • 13 MIN
Brains be weird. We all know that. And the topic of creativity is one of the weirdest, most ineffable bits! So what is it? How does it happen? Let's throw some ideas around....
Ep #31: Is It the Right Time for a Mentor? With Special Guest, Robert Riopel
November 8, 2021 • 26 MIN
Following on neatly from last week's episode, this conversation with Robert Riopel has some detailed insights into whether or not you should be spending money on coaching, mentoring or masterminding to develop your business or career - and more importantly, what you need to know before you do. PLUS we've got a copy of Robert's best-selling book, 'Success Left A Clue - 6 Life-Changing Habits to Achieving Your Dreams While Keeping it Real, Relevant & Repeatable' for you!
Ep#30 What Does Your Attitude to Self-Development Say About Your Self-Confidence?
November 1, 2021 • 12 MIN
When I found myself comparing the value of investing in myself versus investing in a qualification, I had to stop and take stock of what was going on in my head. This is what I found....
Ep #29: The Life Changing Power of Maths, with Special Guest, Kohila Sivas
October 25, 2021 • 27 MIN
In this episode, Kohila Sivas, founder of MathsCodes, and professional maths interventionist, talks to us about her life-affirming relationship with maths, and how it turned her life around after a teen mental health crisis. We talk about - how maths is a metaphor for many of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs - how a bad start in maths can hold us up as adults, but doesn't need to and - why Albert Einstein's problem-solving advice means so much to her.
Ep# 28 Leadership: Jessica Tietjen's Awesome Letter to her Younger Self
October 18, 2021 • 23 MIN
OMG, I LOVE this episode. What does it take to be a leader in this fast-changing world? Can anyone do it? This week, Jessica Tietjen shares with us some of the wisdom from her career in leadership and talent management. Her insights will be useful to anyone in, or looking to step into a leadership role, whether within an organisation, or as an entrepreneur. Seriously, awesome episode!
Ep #27 Getting Back on the Horse After a Break
October 11, 2021 • 13 MIN
In this episode, I'm looking at why it's so often really hard to go back to something we used to love when we've had a break from it. This could be a hobby, sport or practice, and can also have implications for those who take longer career breaks, such as for childcare.
Ep #26 - Rediscovering Joy At A Low Ebb, with Special Guest, Claire McKinnon
October 4, 2021 • 22 MIN
We often accept that it's part of growing up to 'put away childish things.' But what if those are the things that bring us a certain type of magic - magic that helps us withstand the onslaught of everything else. So, why do so many of us let these things slip away, and what are the costs? Join us for this heartfelt discussion on why we need to ensure that we aren't just work machines.
Ep#25 - What Happens When You Live on Water for 40 Days, with Special Guest Bec Mitchell
September 27, 2021 • 29 MIN
In this fascinating episode, Bec Mitchell shares her experience of water fasting, which she has done on many occasions for up to 40 days. She shares the ins and outs of how the body responds to this practice, which is seen by many as extreme or worrying, and what she believes are the benefits for the mind and body.
Ep#24 Trust Based Selling with Special Guest Ari Galper
September 20, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this episode, I'm talking to Ari Galper, the world’s #1 Authority on Trust-Based Selling and the creator of Unlock The Game®, a new sales mindset and approach that overturns the notion of selling as we know it today. We talk about why the old school of selling hard is no longer working, and why the sale is often lost at hello. We also talk about why you need to fall OUT of love with the thing that you do. This informative and sometimes thought provoking episode comes with my strongest recommendation.
Ep#23 Letter To My Younger Business Self
September 13, 2021 • 12 MIN
20:20 hindsight is a great thing. In this episode, I'm giving myself the best advice I wish I'd had earlier in my career. Is it what you'd tell yourself? Is it something you need to hear? Let me know!
Ep#22 - Creating Legacy with Special Guest Rob Cook
September 12, 2021 • 24 MIN
In this episode, I chat with Rob Cook, host of the Contenders Wanted podcast about his passion for this medium, and why he believes that legacy is about the here and now.
Ep #21 - Therapize Yourself?? - With Special Guest, Carrie Leaf
August 30, 2021 • 22 MIN
My guest today is Carrie Leaf, a practising psychotherapist, and a life coach. Carrie is also the author of Therapise Yourself, which is designed to help people build a foundation for good mental health, and begin healing by identifying negative beliefs and patterns in the unconscious mind - including the ones that get in the way of success.
Ep# 20: Why I Don't Like Goals.
August 23, 2021 • 11 MIN
Sometimes we resist levelling up to what our business needs. Why is that? And can the words we use make a difference? Have a listen for some thought-provoking ideas about what might be going on.
Ep#19 What Do You Mean, You Don't Know What I Know?
August 16, 2021 • 19 MIN
In this episode, we're looking at blindspots, how we get tripped up by what we know vs what other people know, and why getting customers is a bit like attracting wild birds.
Ep#18 The Business Wisdom We All Need, From a 10yr Old Kid
August 9, 2021 • 18 MIN
Possibly my favourite episode so far, in which I had the pleasure of talking to up-and-coming entrepreneur, 10 year old Juliana, who has been in business for three years already! We talked about what's important when you're putting your business out there, and strategies for on-screen confidence, amongst other things. Check. It. Out!
Ep#17 The Right Words? Journalling as a development tool, With Special Guest Alison Butters
August 2, 2021 • 18 MIN
Journalling. Love it or hate it, it's a very powerful tool for self-analysis and self-discovery. In this episode, I'm talking to Alison Butters, and we'll look at why journalling works so well, and how to tackle it if you have residual beliefs about writing as a challenge or a skill that you don't enjoy.
Ep# 16 - Wealth Creation with Special Guest, Prosperity Coach, Lateisha Johnson
July 26, 2021 • 22 MIN
Today's guest is prosperity coach Lateisha Johnson. Lateisha, who is also the best selling author of '5 Money Mistakes that are Costing You A Fortune, and the founder of the Wealth and Wellness Network, shares some of her insights into what gets in the way for entrepreneurs who are trying to create wealth successfully.
Ep# 15 Do Affirmations Work? How? Why?
July 19, 2021 • 15 MIN
Affirmations... Mantras.... We hear about them all the time. But what are they, and are they worth using? Check out this episode to hear more!
Ep #14 Mirroring - what's going on when we start to sync up?
July 12, 2021 • 17 MIN
Mirror mirror.... Sometimes, we start to sync with those around us. What could be going on when we respond to a stranger's smile, for example? And what does it have to do with marketing or FOMO? We tend to replicate the behaviours of others, and are affected by - and affect - their energy. How can we use this more mindfully to bring our best to whatever we're doing? Well, I'll be looking at that and more in this episode. Check it out!
Ep #13 The Cobbler's Shoes - Being Your Own Consultant with Special Guest, Francesca Biondi
July 5, 2021 • 25 MIN
Today, I'm talking to gallery owner, Francesca Biondi, about how when it comes to our own business, it's often hard to put into practise the skills that we regularly use to help other people.
Ep #12 - Stop NOT Making Mistakes!
June 28, 2021 • 19 MIN
Mistakes are one of the keys to neuroplasticity, so why are we so set against them? In this episode, I look at why we try so hard to avoid them, and how we can use them better.
Ep #11: Think And Grow Rich - Classic or Claptrap?
June 21, 2021 • 26 MIN
In this episode, I'm joined by entrepreneur and educator, Keili Raven, to discuss the well-worn business classic, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. Is it still worth reading, and if so, should you consider a new approach to reading it? Stay tuned to find out in the next 20 minutes or so!
Ep #10: Visibility & Resilience, with Special Guest, Vicky Blades
June 14, 2021 • 24 MIN
For many, the idea of going live, or speaking on stage - or even promoting their business in person - is a daunting prospect. Veteran actor and professional voice coach Vicky Blades talks to Deirdre about why it's so hard and getting over it.
Ep #9 When Books Met Technology - The Information Windfall
June 7, 2021 • 21 MIN
This week, Deirdre digs into how reading has changed with the advent of technology, and how we can use these advances to increase our absorption of some of the most insightful thinking and discoveries by top strategists and scientists. If leaders are readers, then there's never been a better time for entrepreneurs to make the most of what books offer us.
Ep #8 Old Dogs, New Tricks & Stressful Situations
May 31, 2021 • 18 MIN
How can learning about neuroscience help with stress management? Check out this episode to hear how a typical, stressful situation was made much easier with some bite-sized brain science.
Ep #7 Feeling Lucky? Are You Even Trying?
May 24, 2021 • 19 MIN
Some people believe they can improve luck with a charm or a trinket. Are you one of them? Well, you might just have a point. Luck doesn't take the place of preparation and determination, but check out this episode to explore the connection between use of 'luck objects' and brain science.
Ep#6: Focus & Attention - can this game help you develop it?
May 17, 2021 • 20 MIN
Focus and attention are mission-critical when we want to succeed in a project, or change. Check out this episode, as Deirdre shares a technique to examine your thinking and train your focus and attention.
Ep#5: Fueling Your Brain, With Special Guest, Robert Cavaliere
May 10, 2021 • 22 MIN
You are what you eat, right? And you are what you think..... But how much do you think about what you eat? We're joined today by Nutritional Therapist, Robert Cavaliere who shares how his business journey has been impacted his by dietary choices, and some simple steps we can take to level up our game. This can mean the difference between being unable to focus, or feeling constantly exhausted to having the right energy and clarity of thought to take us to where we want to go, both in our personal and professional lives.
Ep#4: I Know I Shouldn't Listen to the Voices....
May 3, 2021 • 23 MIN
Ever wonder why you've got an inner critic, but not an inner cheerleader? Ever wonder why we pay so much attention to those voices that tell us we're rubbish, or what we should do, or all the other mean stuff they say? In this episode, we look at why they have so much influence over us and some things we can do to override them - or even learn how to have fun with them!
Ep #3: The Secret Curse of Productivity.
April 26, 2021 • 20 MIN
Productivity: Are you crushing it, or is it crushing you? In this episode, we take look at how deeply rooted emotions keep us busy, but not necessarily effective. And Deirdre's dark, secret addiction is finally revealed!
Ep #2: Visions and Burning Desires
April 19, 2021 • 18 MIN
Determination, goals, burning desire... all these concepts are commonly accepted as things we need to have if we're going to succeed. But what about when you don't have those things? Is it still possible to create your vision? In this episode, Deirdre looks at how our unrecognised emotions and brain functions might actually be putting the brakes on the things we want to achieve.
Ep#1 Plato & The Brain... Who Knew!
April 10, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this episode, we look at - why our brains are NOT for thinking, - why what we think should be treated with circumspection if we want to get beyond where we are now, - how an ancient Greek philosopher still influences what we think we know - and how science now views the workings of our brain.